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Monday, January 31, 2011

Creep stalker room.

Its another monday for things you should know but don't because your cell phone fell in the toilet while you were trying to text again...

- I am making it mandatory for runners to high five the other runner coming in their direction. Why not!? you both deserve it for keeping up that heart rate. Next time you are running and a runner is coming your way, Hold your hand out high.

- I have always wanted to be a sophisticated wine drinker. One of those people who talk about tasting the grapes and some how able to know exactly how the grape was squashed just by swishing wine around in their mouth. but ill never been a sophisticated wine drinker, and I just have to accept that.

- When I was younger I hated being in group projects. There was always someone who didn't do their part, someone who didn't get the memo on how we are using silver glitter NOT GOLD any more and someone who clearly did their part during lunch. The same goes for party planning.

- I know a lot of cheaters and assholes that went to harvard. Prestigious school for some, but also prestigious for assholes.

- Irrelevant information doesn't beef up an argument, just like talking louder doesn't make you right.

- As a human being, It is hard for me to accept when I am wrong, I can't help it. I also can't help that magnificent party in my body that happens when I am right.

- Before you start screaming cuss words, ask yourself if it is worth being remembered as the one who screams cuss words when they argue. It's not.

- Someone said to me "It takes a REAL man to take it up the ass" I don't really think it works like that.

- Does it make me a better person to withhold myself from cussing when family or really religious friends are around? No, because I still cuss but it does make me considerate... and that is cool.

- Not sure if "sex in the city" is a show I want to take advice from, but according to "Charolette" after a year of not having sex, you are officially revirginized...

- Hey guy at the gym you are total creeping on me... I see you, so stop.

- I don't think skinny people should be giving advice to chunky people on how to loose weight. Just sayin, if I don't ask you, then don't tell me.

- Its cool to disrespect your friends No, scratch that, its not cool to disrespect anyone, but above all its not cool to disrespect ME.

- If you smoke a pack a day of cigarettes, just know when you walk out of an public facility, YOU LEAVE CIGARETTE SMELL BEHIND YOU. GOD DAMN! GET SOME CLONGE OR AT LEAST WAIT TO SMOKE TILL YOU ARE DONE WITH YOUR ERRANDS.

Here are some pictures from Simon and Lilis shoot!


  1. I really like the puddle reflection photos! They look great. And -- What fun things you shared with us today :)

  2. I love the pics...you did a great job. Simon and Lili look so cute!!