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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy birthday ollie

Ive been meaning to do an entry on "Oliver Moose face tumble sticks" (His full name) for a while now but just haven't really found the time to do so. Today is his birthday so this entry is dedicated to the most special pup Ive ever had in my life.

2 years ago, today to be exact, "Ollie" was born

 from a Merle mommy

 and a harlequin daddy. 

 I had just moved to Tennessee with my boyfriend at the time. I don't know what possessed me to go ahead with getting a dog. I really don't. A big factor was probably because I was working at a clinic that allowed me to bring my dog with me to work. I had already had the perfect job, the perfect boyfriend and I was in a perfect town, so why not get a perfect dog?

After talking it over with my boyfriend at the time we both agreed that getting a dog wouldn't be such a bad idea I had my heart set on a great Dane. I found a few breeders in the area but only one had puppies available. 1 harlequin male and 1 mantle female. I told myself that if I didn't like the dog once a saw him I would push all my "want" feelings away and wait more. My boyfriends sister came with me for an hour ride to a small town in the middle of nowhere where we met up with the breeder and her very country family. It started to snow once I parked, it wasn't just snow it was raining too. I walked up to the family who had Ollie in there arms.

 I fell in love. He was shivering with a very cold nose.

I decided he was coming home with me. My boyfriends sister sat in the passenger seat with him and he fell asleep right away. I kept eyeing her from the corner or my eye. 

I was very nervous of my new family accepting such a responsibility. She pat his head and he got up to lick her face. She really wanted a cat so I didn't know how well this was going to work having a pony for a pet.

The first night was rough. I had never create trained a dog but my boyfriend apparently had. After an hour of puppy wining and a pat on the crate "Ollie" slept soundly from that point on. 

He was easy to train, the only sad factor was that his bladder was so small so he couldn't really hold it for as long as he wanted. But i knew that he wanted too, which made it hard to punish him. There was even one time he punished himself. After peeing on the carpet he walked into his crate with his head down. At first I thought he was sick, i had never seen him behave this way before. Then I had saw what he did, but how could I punish something that already punished himself?

He followed me everywhere.

I was glad I had gotten him at the time I did because soon after my whole world was turned upside down. I was in a town that I had only been living in for a short period of time with no one but my boyfriends sister for a friend. I wasn't about to spend my nights crying on her shoulder. So Ollie kept me warm at night, he comforted me when I was sad and made me more happy when I was happy.

At night he waits till I fall asleep to get in bed with me. He lays with his back facing my back. When I get home from work I can see his snout waiting at my window. He talks to me and understands what I say. Most of all he loves me. He doesn't see a single flaw in me. He is happy with the way I am and never wishes to change it.

You are my best friend Ollie, happy birthday.

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    What a gorgeous little fella, those eyes are stunning!
    Guuuuuhhhh, I want a great dane now!

    ...and that little treat cake is the most adorable little thing, haha!