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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Its a beautiful Life...

Hello my beauties! 

Anon says 

"Just wanted to tell you that your blog post on "manscaping" was an A+. Worked great. I found it at http://emilyisasecret.blogspot.com"

I know you must be thinking "Let me at the manscaping post!" you can see it HERE 

You can also ask me questions about anything HERE

Welcome back to Tuesday's tidbits! 

I have realized how important sex is to males as I watch my dog Ollie whine constantly at our female who is in heat. I could throw his favorite ball and he wont even notice. Wether you want to believe it or not SEX is important. It is important in all relationships to feel a connection on that level. 

I would also like to give a holler are Valerie, one of the greatest hair stylists in south florida who is going on a cruise with her husband. That's right.. It is sexy time.. This post is dedicated to her and her husband.


The Cross position differs from the Scissors positions because the giver lies at right angles to the receiver, with their lower body under both the receiver's bent legs; the receiver being laid on their back in the Missionaryposition. This angle decreases skin contact but allows for a more unique angle for penetration.

Cosmpolitan posted this really neat article about how you can creatively use your vibrator during sex it lists these ideas:

Lay him on the bed, turn it on, and rub it over him. Start at his knees, run up his upper thighs, and circle it around the bulge in his pants. This way, he'll get comfortable with the feeling.

Turn it up full throttle (the shaft of a guy's penis isn't so sensitive, so he can handle it). Then move it up one side of his package and down the other. It'll stimulate his entire penis and make him extrahard.

During oral, hold the side of your vibe against your cheek as you take him in and out. Your wet, quivering mouth will feel unexpected and arousing.

While he uses his tongue to pleasure you, have him put the vibrator inside you angled slightly toward your belly button — that way, it will hit your G-spot (the spongy, dimesize area about 2 inches inside you that is pleasurepacked with nerves). The combo of stimulation will make for an incredibly intense orgasm.

His perineum — the small patch of skin between his balls and anus — is supersensitive. Pick up a small, egg-shaped model (putting anything bigger near his booty may freak him out), and whip it out while you're on top. As you ride him, reach behind and hold it against that area.

If you don't own a vibrator, it is great to have as an addition to sex if you have already tried everything. That's not to say that your sex life has gotten boring or you have run out of ideas (you probably have) but just something to try thats different. 

A new thing to try as well would be just to celebrate together when something really amazing happens like Acing a final or getting that big promotion at work. Light up the candles, start a bath and go with it. 

My parents used to always reward me when I did something right by taking me to get ice cream or buying me a new toy. You can do the same by rewarding someone (your significant other) with some great sex. Or maybe not even sex..

Just something you know they have been wanting to do and just haven't had the down time to do it. Hiking, dinner and a movie... cute stuff... there I said it. 

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