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Friday, January 14, 2011

It's not right, but It's okay

Anon asks "I am in a relationship with someone far away. A lot people tell me it wont work out, What is your take on that?"

Well she says it fairly well. Don't let other people influence what you want to do. If you care about someone and the cost of getting to see them isn't effecting you in anyway, why not? What I don't suggest? Don't move to another state for someone you think you know, when you have only known them physically for about 2 months. No, scratch that. Don't move to another state for someone you are infatuated with and are completely dependent on. 

I know it all sounds like common sense but all that is clouded when you think you are in love. Maybe you are, and maybe this will work out for you, but there is absolutely no reason to rush this. 

This CAN work as long as you both work hard at it and you both are putting the equal amount of time and effort into this beautiful relationship. 

I know that can be hard when you have your best friends calling you insane for going to great lengths for someone they know nothing about and are probably clueless when it comes to how you feel. With that being said you should keep what they say at the back of your mind as rabble in the wind. They love you, and because of that they just want you to be careful.
they are jealous and want you to be just as unhappy as they are. 

Just make sure you take the proper precautions when getting into one. They aren't easy, and usually are hard and painful and more lonely then being single. It is also hard to really trust someone when you are not very familiar with the area they live in and don't know the crowd they follow. 

I mean for all you know, he is married and has 2 other girls on the side....


but because you read my blog, there is no need for you to worry.

If there ever, for one moment, is a red flag PLEASE second guess everything. Take yourself away from the situation for a moment and ask yourself "If I was outside looking in, what would I tell myself". If your answer is "get out now" then don't try to erase that because all you want to be is happy. 

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