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Monday, January 17, 2011

Just sayin...

Welcome back to another edition of :

"Things you should know but don't because you haven't been keeping up with my blog!"

- Don't let people get you down, You are only showing they can defeat you.

- Don't be the giant hypocrite. I can smell them from a mile away. You smell like dirty vagina butt hole.

- Always know that everything you want is achievable if you push yourself the distance to get it.

- Personable people always get way farther in life then people who are shut down. Smile, talk about common interests like the weather or your favorite car. People love to talk about whats going on, people love to talk in general.

- There will always be someone who disagrees with something you say. Keep calm, I know its hard not to go with your first instinct to punch them in the dick. Just remember you are the bigger and better person, they are probably just jealous.

- It is important for you to stick up for what you believe in. Don't allow people to push you in a corner and make you feel/do things you don't think are right. If you allow it for too long, there will be no way of getting yourself out.

- As a man, it is your duty to open doors, be the first to call/kiss me and pay for the first date

- As a woman It is my duty to accept that you will do these things for me and not complain and never whine about how fat and gross I am.

- God believes in second, third, one hundred chances. So should we.

- Can you stop someone from being attracted to a certain sex? I don't know. I do know what I love, and it is the touch of a man. I also know what my best friend loves, she loves the touch of a woman. Is it my duty to detour her from that? No. I wouldn't want someone telling my feelings for men are wrong and ungodly. You go girl!

- Why are we so afraid to do what we love to do? Although the market is hard for people who are creative such as artists and musicians. If you love to make music, then be the best damn musician there is, don't stop because you think people will think less of you.

- Tattoos do not make or break a human being. It doesn't make me a sinner or a gangster. It just means I am more creative with my body then most people.

- I have a deep disturbance inside for people who openly talk about cutting/rape/anything that a normal person wouldn't normally be extremely open about. Sometimes I feel wrong for feeling this because of how open I am with my readers when It comes to certain subjects, however I then realize that the Internet is not the proper place to talk about life's most damaging parts as if its a red carpet event for the golden globe awards.

Straight off of a 15 year olds blog on tumblr.... 

- If you are someone who has attempted suicide, need help as a rape victim, or just need someone to talk too that wont blab it all over the Internet you can reach me on my AIM @ Emilyisasecret or email me at emilyisasecret@yahoo.com. You can trust that I have been there and done it.

- You are not able to talk about how your love for someone will last till the end of time if you just started dating yesterday. It doesn't really work like that.

- If you make rules, don't break them. I am not about to follow a set of rules that are changed around the way you feel on a certain day.

- Unless it is your business to tell people how to run there life (in other words you have your own office, with your own name plate on the desk that says :yourname: "boss of telling people how to run there life") then I suggest keeping your "words of wisdom" to yourself.

- I don't much care about miley cyrus's bong hit or the fact that Angelina Jolie may be in rehab for what ever reason.

- I can't take someone seriously when they are in there lavish million dollar living room crying because they made some big mistake like cheating. Seriously? GTFO. 

Anything you would like to say? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Have a question or two about something and you need an answer? Formspring me! 

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  1. Oh, this made me laugh a lot. Thanks for starting my day out right.