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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On the way to the wedding.

Hey guys thanks for coming over here today to check out 

Anon asks "I am afraid to get naked with my girlfriend because of the way my penis looks" 

Well anon, You will have to be a little more specific next time but assuming your penis looks nothing like this: 

or like this: 

yeah thats genital warts. Its what you get when you don't wear a condom...

I assume you have nothing to worry about. Unless you aren't that cool of a guy or the girl you are with is totally shallow. Guys get all crazy about penis size but a lot of girls 1. usually get off on stimulation via the clitoris. or 2. if they are the type to get off on penetration, the g-spot really isn't far in the vagina it is actually about half a pinky in length from the hole! 

So guess what! UNLESS YOU ARE 2 INCHES LONG YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! Also, I heard that if you constantly brag about how big it is, it actually grows an inch... 

Anon says:

"I don't believe what you say a bout penis size not being important, sometimes I like feeling like I am being split down the middle" 

well then you have some problems cause that doesn't sound very pleasing. Just saying... 


"The Intersextion position (previously known as Sleeping Beauty) differs from the Scissors position because the giver's legs are both between the legs of the receiver. This allows for an unusual angle for penetration, but it comes at the partial expense of comfort. Many people don't like this position because they find it awkward to position their legs without causing the receiving partner's bottom leg irritation or pain, but it does have a solid following amongst those who can find the sweet spot."

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