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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Anon says:

"I think chest and neck tattoos are fine on women, as long as it is feminine and well done. I like mine at least :D "

Anon Ahh! coming from my previous entry about tattoo's! There are so many exceptions to this rule! and if you think your chest tattoo is cool enough IT MUST BE! If you are reading this! send me a picture to my e-mail address at Emilyisasecret@yahoo.com and tell me a little story about it! I'll even post it in my blog!

I'd love to start doing a little introduction of all my readers! so if you have something interesting you would like to say you can always just leave me a comment or ask a question on my formspring

Or if  you have a tattoo and or some weird mole you would like people to know about that you love, you are welcome to take a picture of it and send it over. I'll feature you in my blog as well..

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