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Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello and welcome back to another edition of "Things you should know" Monday but don't because you are still thinking its the weekend.

- Everyone has their own system for doing daily things. For example, In order for me to be organized I MUST write everything down first, then go from there. Some people don't like this because it wastes paper, but if I don't do it, then things can go wrong. In other word, it may not always be a way you agree with but if it works, it works and you have to respect that.

- My worst habit is biting my nails. It can easily be stopped by painting them. All because I read an article once that eating nail polish causes cancer (big surprise). I recommend painting your nails (unless you are a guy, if you are a guy, you have to suffer) to detour yourself from biting your nails. It really is a nasty habit! you know how much germs are in there? Alot.

- Stop trying to change people! I know it's hard when you REALLY think you know what you are talking about, and maybe you do but you aren't perfect! You don't have any right to try and direct someone when they never asked you for directions in the first place!

- Be careful what you wish for. Being famous isn't all its cracked up to be. I seriously think artists (if you even want to call em that) such as ke$ha or lil wayne have sold their souls to the devil to become famous.

Yep, that right there is a fucking moron... and you listen to her music...

- If it is someones dream to move to a town where nothing happens, life is slow and has all the greatness of seasons, SO BE IT! Just because you enjoy fast paced life near the beach doesn't mean everyone else does.

- If I choose to abort my baby, then that is my decision and only I have to life with it. No one else. You weren't going to take care of it, and you refuse to pay extra tax to help all the babies that no one aborted way back when therefore you have no say in what gets to happen in my life/future.

- No one can learn unless the fall themselves or watch someone else.

- Don't be a shitty tipper. If you are only tipping 15% every time/most of the time you have been officially dubbed a shitty tipper. Its okay, I am here to help you not be that asshole everyone hates to serve. If your bill is under 20 dollars it is acceptable to tip between 5-6 dollars or more. If you feel you have had acceptable service then don't tip 15%. Imagine if everyone rated your service at work at a 15 percentile all the time. That's a shitty observation when you are always putting in 100% at work. Tip accordingly, and only tip 15% when you have a shitty server or when you really cannot afford the extra tip.

-Your hairdresser has to pay for her/his booth every month. Then they have to pay extra for the product they use in your hair like dye, conditioner, Scissors, hair spray all so you can look good for the day. Not only that but on a daily basis they have to deal with hair that really isn't that pleasant to deal with, along with dirty nasty toes and clients who are difficult and uneasy to deal with and all you are tipping is 15% ? then they most likely have a family at home they have to feed and clothe and they are walking out of that hell hole with 15% of there earnings... come on people.

- Am I the only one that gets excited when I hear john krasinskis voice on a commercial?

- If you are going to be cutting up jalepino pepper, make sure you are wearing gloves cause that crap gets everywhere and its not fun to find that out after rubbing your eye..

- Hey, I don't fucking know you, So don't act like you have known me for like 20 years and you can call me by my nick name! that requires at least 6 years of knowing me and you've only just met me.. weirdo!

- I always see either really happy people working at starbucks or really pissed off people at starbucks and I've realized how much someones attitude can ruin my coffee. Smile, or ill get you fired.

- Stand your ground if you know you are right. In the event you are in fact right, you have officially brought the thunder. 

I came home today to this gift from marlene...

I have officially been dubbed the crazy owl lady.

Also acceptable are ant eaters and cardinals.. 

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