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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You better hurry up and go good...

Today I was lucky enough to get matthew and hannah while the sun was out for some new bike shots that i've been thinking of getting.

I've done a lot of thinking for the progress of emilyisasecret. A lot of wishing and praying on what to do and ideas. I've decided this year is dedicated to the special people. While there will still be the crazy sex talk and Things you should know. Once a week I will dedicate an entry to someone amazing in there own way.

Tune in Sunday for my "Sunday Special" someone this week.

I will also catch up on my 365 project, that I have fallen so far behind on :-/

2011 will be my building year. Building on new things and fixing the old. Going on many many adventures and meeting many of my future viewers. 

Now as promised, my review for Blue Valentine. 

I used to be a huge fan of romantic movies, but then I realized how completely far fetched a lot of them were. For the last year or so I have come up with the excuses to stop myself from seeing movies like "Dear John" or "When in Rome" I wouldn't have seen those even if it was back when I actually enjoyed  romantic movies. Never the less, Ryan Gosling is on my "list of things to do" so that pretty much pushed all of hate for romantic movies a side. That and I had my best friend telling me "Its really good!" after she had only seen it about half way through. I heard that the movie was sad, I think I even saw an interview with Ryan talking about how sad it made him in real life just to play the part, which is why I was so hesitant at first to see it. 

The movie is basically about real life relationships/marriage and the shit that can happen because of real life. I felt for each character of the movie and I even felt myself wanting a happy ending near the end. (Kind of like episode 3 even though you know Anikin is going to turn to the dark side, you still want him to be good and just say "no") I don't want to give to much away because I honestly can't stand people that do that a night after the movie was released. Its not a movie to see for the people who cry easily, I am no too sure who this movie is for exactly but it is a REAL movie. With that being sad Ryan Gosling was amazing (doesn't surprise me) and the character Michelle plays reminds me a lot about someone I knew in high school once. 

It's time for me to settle down. night. 


  1. pics came out great! :-)

  2. fantastic! loving your new logo too ;D

  3. right!? adriana made it.. shes my art director... spiffy spiffy