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Friday, February 18, 2011

asian people love golf.

This entry is brought to you by The left rights

Yes, this is the lead singer of MSI (Mindless self indulgence) and yes he brings fond memories of my youth, so you can suck it

My brother is about to ship out soon so I am spending as much time as I can with him. We went and saw the movie "I AM NUMBER FOUR"

also known as "NEVER SEE THIS MOVIE UNLESS YOU ARE 15 YEARS OLD" I know what you are thinking "Emily, come on, you should've known this." I couldn't help it! I thought, cute actor... hmm... okay lets try it but no, cute actor doesn't mean shit apparently.

We went to TATES afterwards which is this really awesome comic book store in ft.lauderdale that has the coolest nick-nacks if you are ever in the area please check it out

I walked out with:

This is great for my up coming pinup shoots. LOTS of inspiration! 

A new friendswithyou flash drive! (LOVE YOU GUYS!)

AND a Teacup vinyl (cute!)

I AM SO EXCITED! tomorrow I am going out with Ace to do another neat photo excursion! :-D! Stay tuned for some neato pictures!

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