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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heather Hannons birthday bash.

Last night Heather Hannons Birthday was celebrated at Sublime Restaurant + Bar which is a vegetarian restaurant in Ft.lauderdale Florida (If you are ever in the area PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!) . I was sent an invite and RSVP for it to stop by and show my love and take some fabulous pictures of the event. I also had my very first glass of Champagne. I have never been a wine drinker but if someone asks if I like red or white wine I will usually pick white as I've yet to try a red that really tickles my pickle. Champagne however, is now my favorite "Fancy" drink.

Anyways, It never fails to surprise me how amazing people really are and the even more amazing people they know. My grandma used to tell me "Your group of friends reflect on who you are" and Heather birthday made me understand that saying a lot better. Her friends are much like a close knit family and it made the party so much more enjoyable.

I also did a photo shoot for These Arms Of Faith this afternoon so stay tuned tomorrow for the finals! :) 

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