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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm just playing

Okay. In case you are new to Emilyisasecret, Tuesdays are usually dedicated to my regular readers in relationships. It's a day I take out of the week to talk about some questions readers have asked me in regards to some issues they are having in their current relationships. Sometimes I get emails or questions people would like to have answered or sometimes I'll read an article on relationships that I think is worth posting. So if you have any questions feel free to ask any way you please.

Anon asks "This is really embarrassing for me but my boyfriend has a really gross smell coming from his groin area. It smells like man sweat that has been sitting for like 3 weeks. I know he doesn't have any diseases because we've both been checked, and we both shower frequently. I just think it's because he has... a smell. HOW DO I GET RID OF IT!? he also doesn't shave down there, I've always tried telling him in a nice way but he just doesn't listen."

Alright so unfortunately you just have to come out and tell him "look, you smell." I know its going to suck at first but if its the smell I'm thinking, trust me, you do not want it to continue. Yes this is normal, kinda, by kinda I mean it can happen and it mostly happens to men with perspiratory issues. In other words men who sweat too frequently. Okay! so we know he stinks but what can he do to get rid of the problem. Assuming you both have a healthy relationship, there are a few things you can get right off the shelf that can help starting with male deodorant/body wash. Not that regular $1.50 body wash you buy because its cheap. I mean old spice or axe. You can start by buying him a body wash that he hasn't tried before. If the body wash doesn't work then you can start with the body spray deodorant. Have him spray it in the morning and see how long it lasts. IF THAT DOESN'T WORK feminine deodorant spray WILL.

I know what you are thinking "there is NO WAY he will go for that" well then all you have to do is tell him he is never getting a blow job ever again. This shit works! but I never advise it to be the first thing for a dude to use as it can be a little embarrassing being that its a spray for vaginas. Also guys, we're not asking you to shave like... a little boy or anything, just to take a hair trimmer and trim it so that it isn't long enough for us to braid or run our fingers through. Heres why, you know how when you smell a girls hair thats been running for a while or she just left the gym and it smells like  gym, sweat, her job, smoke? hair traps smells even if you are a clean person! So don't take offense, and this could just as easily be told to a girl. (if you are girl, it is mandatory to shave everything, if you don't what the fuck is wrong with you!? we aren't in the fucking 70's, jesus!) 

To get in to the Folded Deck Chair position, the receiver lays on their back, pivots their hips so that their legs are on the giver's shoulders, while the giver enters from a kneeling position while supporting some of their weight on the receiver's legs. A favorite of many men because of the sense of power that comes from folding their partner, the position definitely doesn't leave the receiver out. When the giver leans on the receiver legs, it improves the angle of penetration to better target the g-spot or prostate gland.

Though this has nothing to do with relationships with humans, I did think it was fricken adorable


  1. I have nothing to say at all about relationships, but I LOVE the clip! Ive seen it before and it never gets old! I have his book on my shelf :) Its amazing the relationship he has with those lions, very inspirational and endearing to see him interacting with them. Thanks for posting that bit of cuteness :D - Nat

  2. haha! My boyfriend LOVES this position. The first time he did it, we subtly worked our way into it. I kept trying to work my way out of the position but he just held me down and kept thrusting. I believe that sense of power crap because he felt like a man and I loved it!