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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its really insane

There is a lot of neat stuff coming up for emilyisasecret! In a bit I will be doing a give away which I am so excited about.

Anon asks "I like this guy but he has a girlfriend. I am PREEETTYY sure he likes me because of how we are together, how to I get him to confess?"

Stop. Stop right there! what is wrong with you?! never try and steal a man away! it's just wrong and fucked up in so many ways! What's going to stop him from leaving you when he gets tired of you just like he is with his current girlfriend? nothing! this isn't some type of game! okay it is.. but that doesn't mean you need to be caddy and cheat corners! find your own damn man, bitch!

Anon asks "I cant do it anymore. I don't know how people can recover from a cheating episode in a relationship. I am really struggling here."

Those are the worst. I actually had some one ask me once "do you believe the saying once a cheater always a cheater?" and my response is yes. I know, I know, what about special circumstances?  I try to ignore those because "special circumstances" are much like winning the lottery. There will always be another side to a story and unless all 3-4-5 people/parties who were involved speak and get the story straight, no one will know what's going on. Trust is a very very blind faith. Trust is a very very comfy couch that you never want to leave and when the person you love most shoves you off for what ever ridiculous reason they give you as to why shit went down, you will do/believe almost anything to get back on. The thing is once we do get back on we start to notice how really uncomfortable that couch is, we are constantly on edge wondering if this bitch is about to buck again.

Don't get me wrong there are a lot of crazy bitches out there, but if I had a nickel for every time some dick used the "She's crazy don't listen to her" line guess who would be a millionaire? or the "she kissed me first, I swear!" yeah here's what I think about that. I will almost NEVER make a move on a guy unless he makes the move first. In fact, I've NEVER made a move on a guy that I wasn't completely positive of his feelings for me. So what makes any other regular girl different? Even so, why wasn't I notified FIRST THING about this? little suspicious to me. Look dudes, I may be goofy and totally out of it some times but I smell bullshit from a mile away.

My advice? My true true advice? Unless you are 100% sure about what happened or what went down that night, dump him. Seriously! and if you are 100% sure and you want to make this work then guess what? you just signed a verbal contract to start this game over. There are no return points, all of your armor and defense mechanisms are gone which means you need to understand that this mistake can no longer be brought up in any argument or conversation ever again because you can not move forward if the past is trying to pull you back. I know it really sucks because you loved how that couch felt and how comfy you were on it and you want to go back to it. Will things get better? I can't answer that but at least you know you are doing your part in trying to forgive and forget.

And people do change, you can trust that, but only on rare occasion! and don't let that piece of hope be the only thing that allows this sucker to get another chance. Be smart and show him how much your comfy ass couch is, and don't let him settled down so quickly or let him off the hook so soon.

This diagram made me happy :) 

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