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Friday, February 4, 2011

My heart is yours

Of going to the gym, working out, and all that good stuff having to do with getting in shape. 

- Don't steal my machine that I have clearly been waiting here longer for. Be courteous to others, take a look around to see if someone is waiting. Dick. 

- Do have a small carb meal about 15 minutes before your work out. I always find I work out longer when I have had something to eat. 

- Don't text and run at the same time. I saw a girl once totally eat it while trying to text and run, It was NOT pretty. 

- Do freeze a half full water bottle and fill up when you get the gym. Cold water tastes soooo good after sweating hardcore. 

- You know what else isn't pretty? Girls who wear make up to the gym thinking they will grab some hot built dude, only to find out when they sweat their make up runs... all over their tank top, and you look like the locness so, don't wear make up to work out. 

- When I am running and I'm on a roll, the LAST thing I want is to be disturbed while running. It throws off my whole routine. If you must talk to me, please wait till I am done. 

- I want to know what's everyones deal with wearing clothes that clearly were made for their body type. Wear something that comfortable, not something that is cutting off your circulation. 

- There is something about a guy being able to run for his life, that is such a turn on.

- Working out should not consist of you ONLY going to the sauna room.

- Don't be afraid to ask someone for help. I know those machines can be super intimidating, I still have trouble with the stair master, on of my biggest fears is getting my shoe lace stuck and being ripped to shreds... 

- A doctor told me that in order to begin fat loss, you must work out longer then 45 minutes. I don't know if I believe that, but he's a doctor, and I am not... so it must be true? 

I am super busy editing photos, and coming up with some ideas for entries. This is good, very good. 

Todays entry is brought to you by the song "sparks" by coldplay 

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