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Friday, February 11, 2011

not for one second

Anon asks

im going through a really rough time lately and im starting to feel like i cant get out of this rut. i have decent support from family and friends as well as my beloved little girl and bf but sometimes i jsut feel like im drowning... any advice?

My formspring response was: 
"Sometimes its hard to get out. I have a hard time feeling sorry for myself, just for this reason. that there are so many other people who have it so much worse. I just take everyday as it comes with out trying to overwhelm myself. I do as much good as i can and hope that someone, on their day of doing good, finds me too."

I also wanted to note that when I am feeling down, I always try to do something that keeps myself busy. I walk my dog or go to the gym. I talk to a best friend or read up on photography. I know that sounds like I basically try to ignore my problem, but in order for me personally to stay positive, I first have to think ahead. In math class they taught us "there is always an answer to a problem, the hard part is solving it"

(side note, I'm terrible at math) 

But! There is always an answer! and I take comfort in knowing that somewhere, there is an answer to my problem and about 97% of the time, all my problems end up solving themselves.

Anon asks:

back in highschool, taking angled picture was the "in" thing and it got rained on by so many people complaining that only "ugly" girls took angled pictures. whats your take on that?

My formspring reply was: 
I dunno. some angles can be harsh. It really depends. Also in high school, kids haven't really matured yet. also, if its an "in" thing chances are everyones probably going to like it. So what's it matter in the end lol. Its kind of like seeing old wedding pictures from the 70's and 80's"

To me personally, anything I did about 6 years ago makes me cringe. I was all into wearing tons of make up and going through a weird 80's themed phase where all I listened to was duran duran and the breakfast club movie soundtrack but at the time everyone thought it was cute, and "in" so yeah...

Anon asks:

Do dogs and cats have a memory and, if so, how far back do you think it goes?

My response was: 
I believe they do. How far back? I am not so sure! I do know dogs remember and maybe cats too.

Of course they do!? ever see a cat go near a dog after they've been attacked by one? NO WAY! same thing with dogs! I used to have a pet chicken, she was the head of our back yard and no dog messed with her, why? she stood her ground and the dogs remembered that!

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