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Sunday, February 27, 2011

These arms of faith

Todays post is dedicated to  my favorite local band "These arms of faith

Powerful and dynamic are two words that define These Arms of Faith. Based in Miami, Florida, this melodic-post hardcore band brings you a new, and fresh sound with a mixture of catchy choruses and strong verses.

“I haven’t heard a band like this in a long time,” said JJ Cassiere from The Agency Group

“The Initiation,” the band’s first self-released EP, is a collection of the bands work. 

“The Initiation” was released December 6th of 2008 and are currently planning some U.S. tours, These Arms of Faith is looking ahead, working hard, and pushing forward to get everyone’s attention.

Inspired by the music of: Misery Signals, August Burns Red, As Cities Burn, The Receiving End of Sirens, Thrice, and Emarosa. Playing events such as Cornerstone, and a handful of other festivals, this band will soon be your new favorite track on your itunes playlist.

With an explosive live show, and vocals that come straight from the heart, expressing troubled times, loss, love and lust, you'll find it hits close to home and singing along through every song.

Finishing up their upcoming EP entitled "Transitions", the band explains that this EP defines them as who they were and the trials and tribulations they've dealt with together to make them the individuals they are today. The five track EP is to be due out in Spring of 2011.

Starting as kids playing music for fun, Renzo Zanatta, Javier Sardinas and Michael Beruty from These Arms of Faith. The last words in their set list define who they are and what they stand for, with the words "Let this be my escape" echoing through each and every venue. Make sure to keep your eyes open for These Arms of Faith and their self-released EP, “Transitions”

The Initiation EP can be purchased here on there Bandcamp website. Please take the time to listen to some of the tracks. If you like em' you should buy it. If you don't, you can go fuck yourself. :) 

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