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Saturday, March 12, 2011

First of many!

Hey guys! 

Its about time that I do one of these! Reason I took so long was I was gathering really awesome neat stuff to give away. Here is how it works...

1. Become a follower of this blog. (If you already are, GREAT! no need to follow this step!)
changed the rules, not everyone likes having a blog as much as i do. 
2. Comment on this entry and tell me what your favorite part about emilyisasecret is.
3. Post this give away somewhere! ANYWHERE! twitter, tumblr, facebook, your blog, on aim/instant message, Forums  I DON'T CARE! BUT once you have, in your comment just tell me where you have left your post. The more places you post, the more chances you have to win!  

This give away will end on the 31st of this month, each there is no limit to how many times you twitter, status update, post about this entry or promote my blog but every time you do you MUST come and leave a comment on this post (my advice, keep this entry bookmarked somewhere) or else I wont know how often you are. This is both sex friendly. TRUST ME. The gift you will be receiving is something BOTH GUYS AND GIRLS WANT! have fun and thanks for participating!


  1. i like this bc ur not afraid to put urself out there and i posted on facebook . i dont have accese to a computer often but ur one of the first things i look up when i do

  2. sooooo i like your blog because of all the sex advice/tips/positions/toys etc.. sometimes im not as adventurous as i wanna b in bed, and you basically do all the research for me so all i have to do is read it lol

    this was also posted on my tumblr =)