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Monday, March 28, 2011

I wont even miss you at all..

- If you own a motorcycle you are not allowed to be larger then the bike itself. It is an unspoken rule you should know about.

- Heres how you know when someone cares about what you did for the weekend
Jack: "Hey bob, how was your weekend?"
 Bob: "It was pretty good"
Here is how you know when someone doesn't care..
Bob: "Wanna hear about my weekend?"
Jack: "I guess"
Meaning if someone doesn't ask you about your weekend, they don't care to know about it.

- White doves are a good sign. 

- Never force your feelings, they will worsen them by 10 times if you do.

- It is not fair to set a rule for someone else and not follow it yourself.

- If someone is reading a book the number one thing NOT to do, it talk to them.

- Hey america, guess what? 1 religion is not going to tear you down. If you haven't noticed, the people that populate you aren't all that smart, if anyone is going to fuck you, its the people already living here.

- Just an F.Y.I the jews did not cause the holocaust. Apparently some people weren't paying attention in history class. 

- Some of the most unexpected people will surprise you. For that reason alone you should treat everyone like they are the pot of gold you find at the end of a rainbow. 

- When starting a new job, don't try and be the know it all, it makes you look like a total brown nose.  

- My reply for when anyone ever says "I want" or "I wish" is "well I want/wish for a million dollars" it shuts them right up. 

- Studies show that masturbation can:
1. Higher self esteem
2. improve your mood
3. Help with depression.
4. Lower your risk for prostate cancer
5. Reduce inflammation to nasal blood vessels helping with breathing more effectively. 
6. Reduce the risk of getting an STD
7. Giving your skin more color to make you look more lively (I can second this, its true!) 
So start masturbating people. It makes for a better place. 

- I would like to know of any drama prior to dating you. Just so I can forewarn myself for some ex coming to slash my tires. 

- Maybe I am talking about you, maybe I am not. But if you are thinking I am, then there is something you need to fix. Don't be angry cause I am honest. 

- No body is perfect, not even you and you should accept that.

- There is a danger in starting a fire, You'll never know how many bridges you'll burn... 

I hope you enjoyed this mondays edition of things you should know. If there are things you wish other people knew, please post a comment and let me know. Also if you have a question about anything please don't hesitate to ask on my formspring or leave as a comment. 


  1. "Jack: "Hey bob, how was your weekend?"
    Bob: "It was pretty good"
    Here is how you know when someone doesn't care..
    Bob: "Wanna hear about my weekend?"
    Jack: "I guess""

    I lol'd

  2. I liked the ADTR bit. XD oh and masturbation bit. more guys should know this.

  3. So the reason I am so healthy and happy is because I am addicted to masturbating.

    To think I have been wasting all my time with exercise and healthy food choices. lol

  4. I stumbled on your blog today, I LOVE IT! I spent the whole afternoon at work reading as far back as I could! Love your honesty and you really make me laugh!

    Paula Dee