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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Its hard!

Anon asks "I have a dilemma. I have boyfriend who I love and am happy with and there is a guy who is an acquaintance who keeps buying me "just because gifts" how do I tell him to BACK THE FUCK OFF?!"

This is difficult if you are trying to remain friend afterwards (assuming you are because if you weren't the easy way would be to just tell him to back off) the best way to go about this would be to nicely tell him "dude, I appreciate what you have done but I don't really feel comfortable with it anymore." Just as an f.y.i to people who do these sort of things to other people who are currently in a relationship with someone else. Just don't. It's not fair to the significant other and honestly if its meant to be then it will happen.

Anon asks "I know a girl that is constantly posting poems on the internet about me. Thing is I have a girlfriend. I don't want to hurt this girls feelings because she is a cool person but I am not really comfortable with the way she apparently feels about me."

This kind of correlates to the other anon's post except could it be maybe you are giving her mixed signals? If you aren't then this definitely should be addressed. Just like above, nicely explain you don't feel that way about her. Explain that you have a girlfriend and that you are happy where you are.

Anon Asks "There is a guy I work with who is the perfect candidate for "what not to wear" can you post some ideas about what are more fashionably acceptable things for men to wear?" 

check these guys out

Also I just want to put it out there as a tid bid for guys. 

For exampl:e
- How long its been (if its been longer then 6 months) since you've had a relationship or sex. even if she asks give her some "beat around the bush answer" I don't mean make yourself sound like a fucking man whore, but don't sound like a loser either. 
- If you have something mentally wrong like some obsessive compulsive disorder or phobia, don't say it till we are officially dating.
- If you have something wrong with your penis, Don't say it till we are officially dating and almost about to have sex
- Don't talk about how badly you want to have someone to hold or be with until we are officially dating.

- I know it sounds like a lot but if you want a girl to drool over you just follow some of these rules please. 

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