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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lets see what's behind door #1

I decided to start a new thing here on Emilyisasecret. I have a lot of really great people in my life, a lot that actually fuel this blog believe it or not and many of those people are looking for something/someone amazing. So here is the first edition of "Eligible Bachelors" in Miami Fl.

You may have noticed that I have acquired a new friend as you can see in my pictures as of late. He seems to be in some of my topics as well, which I can't help because he is that neat of a guy. First off let me just say that I would never put someone on my site if I wasn't sure about them being good people because the whole point of this blog is to help people understand that everyday should be used to better ourselves and our relationships with the people we have and with that being said Ace is one of a kind.

I didn't notice till I was editing the video that there is actually a strong resemblance to Taylor Lautner but more attractive. He definitely speaks his mind and has a "No Drama" policy, which means if you have any baggage you should turn the other way. He told me once before he was picky but I really think he meant that he was looking for a "good nice girl" which are hard to come by here in Miami.  Anyways I'll let Ace speak for himself in the video we shot the other night which you can watch below.

If you would like to get in contact with Ace all of his information is on his website/blog and you can check out some of his photography on his flickr or his facebook page

Also, if you date him, you also get to date his dog "Copper" (like the metal) and seriously who could say "no" to that face?!

If you think you are worthy enough to be a bachelor or bachelorette here on Emilyisasecret. Please shoot me an Email at Emilyisasecret@yahoo.com. Also, if you would like to see more of my videos please check out my Vimeo page


  1. He seems like such a nice guy!
    And yes - he's very handsome :D
    Why do I have to live so far away from Miami! (well basically on the other continent...oh and I'm too old...27)
    Ace You should try to meet some straight edge girls:) are there any in Miami? We love good music, dont do drugs and other bad stuff, we are faithful and we love animals :D
    Hope You will find the one!

  2. haha thanks and yea trust me ive looked, im sure there are some out there but its not easy to find. As emily said "He told me once before he was picky but I really think he meant that he was looking for a "good nice girl" which are hard to come by here in Miami." couldnt have said it better lol.
    Just cause your on a different continent doesnt mean we cant be freinds! add me www.facebook.com/ace.noguera

  3. Yes, we can do that :)
    Ace, my image of Miami girls is based mainly on Miami ink tv show so I can only imagine what type of girls You have there - but its not very optimistic I must say :)well i hope I'm wrong:)

  4. I know what you mean. There are plenty of girls with good looks, but none with good character. Girls around here are to trendy.

  5. well luckily i dont have the trendy problem, its just the whole "loves to go out and party and get wasted etc and not remember anything" yea not a fan of that. I dont mind a drink here and there but yea doing it excessive like that, not a fan.

  6. taylor lautner seriously?? psshhh more like bruno mars or a combination of both whom I think are eually as cute haha. Ace has such a gorgeous face and smile I seriously cant believ hes still single what a shame miami!

  7. i hate my smile >.< haha but thanks!