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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Please obama!

Okay before I get on to sundays special, I just wanted to go ahead and get this over with. I am starting a new edition to my blog for saturdays. I have been deciding wether or not to post this because its fairly personal but I decided to do it. I feel like it could be a great help to document my progress. So! here goes!

So I have been fat for most of my life ("aww emily you aren't fat just curvy") no really, I am fat. There is no way around it, I exceed a recommended weight which makes me fat. I am okay with this, because of my weight I've learned a lot of things like being patient and enjoying who I am. My weight doesn't define me as a person really. At least I think personally think it doesn't but to other people maybe it does. So! after consulting with a nutritionist, a triathlete, and just plan ol' knowin my body I have decided to blog my success.

So this is me. I am 220 lbs (uuughhhh that makes me want to puke just by hearing that!) BUT I don't really look it, Probably because I am so tall. I originally wanted to do a Vlog on this but I know me, and I would be a total girl about it and start crying. Now, I know what you are thinking "220 LBS JESUS!" thats after 40lbs of weight loss. so suck it society. I am on a mission to break my body of it's unhealthyness! starting with regimen and new foods. I see people comment on other "large" peoples pictures, wondering "how could they let themselves go" bitch please! its not about letting go! its about enjoying! literally! and I applaud plus size models, as they are the ones who have made me feel comfortable in my own skin. If not for them, I would probably still be sticking my finger down my throat. Kudos. 

So! goodbye to the next couple of pounds I have to loose, I assume this is a post just to bid you farewell, because I DONT NEED YOU ANYMORE! summer is coming, and I no longer need you to keep me warm. You also don't need to come back because I really wont miss you at all. 

now on to more interesting things. 

So I was kind of freaking out because I hadn't really done my research for sundays special. (tisk tisk! I know!) until I was just surfing around and came across this totally awesome dude that totally made my sunday. 

I know what your thinking "Emily, You think anything with a beard is cool.... -__-" but seriously this guy makes me want to move to idaho, marry some bearded lumberjack and have babies and start vloggin! 
"I have been looking my whole life for what I am going to "DO" when I grow up. I have had about 20 different jobs. Every time I changed careers I would think to myself.."Ok this is the one" but they would never stick. About a year ago a good friend named Jamey looked at me and said "You have got to get your comedy out there" I thought HOW? about 3 months later I got a job as a radio DJ and started making videos on You Tube." 

As you can see how lovable his family is, I had to watch all of his videos! I love that they do almost everything as a family and post it all over the net for other families or even people with out families yet watch and learn. Kudos to you ShayCarl Sundays special Is just for you and your hot wife and cute kids!

Go ahead and like his facebook page
check out his website for merch (I'm buying the vneck!
and of course watch all of his videos on youtube!  

1 comment:

  1. Good Luck With The Weight Loss, I Did It Too!
    And Now I'm Addicted To Running Everyday! :D
    Cool That You're Shaytards Fan, I Love Them!!!