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Monday, March 7, 2011

things you should know

Welcome back to another edition of "Things you should know Monday but don't because you spilt hot coffee all over your crotch. 

- I've learned that people deal with uncomfortable situations very different, some may shock you, but its always important to understand that this is just a way they deal with this. 

- Always plan for the worst. 

- I think the feeling of having your heart sink to the pit of your stomach should be in the list of "worst feelings to feel"

- Forcing someone on a date is much like forcing someone to have sex.

- Being the barer of bad news is rough, I still struggle with it, and most cases would rather just stay silent.

- Don't keep giving chances, I have a 2 chance max. 

- It is important to be a nice humble person, but to also speak up and say what you feel regardless of who it may hurt. 

- Acting like you are someone important, makes people think you are too. 

- I always try to remember "there is always 2 sides to every story" also that if more then one girl says your boyfriend was with them the other night, chances are he was. 

- Never fail to delete naked pictures of yourself or significant other from your cell, computer or camera. It's not very pleasant to accidently stumble upon them. 

- In order for things to run smoothly in any relationship you must understand "this is a team" and that "there is no I in team" you are not allowed to say "well I..." or feel that your feelings are more important. 

- I don't know if I could ever believe a compulsive liar. 

- If someone cheats on you and you marry them to change them, you are no longer allowed to make the decision of who/when to marry ever again. 

- I don't know what's the big fucking deal about gays. It's not like the congregate once a week on a specific day at a facility near your house or wake you up at 7am in the morning on saturday trying to convert you. 

- I am not comfortable with the amount of stupidity that roams this planet. I know ignorance is bliss but that doesn't give you the right to be a dick just because you don't know any better.

- Hate breeds Hate, just like Fangs breed Fangs 


- Never walk into a facility that takes walk-ins on a saturday and expect to be taken care of RIGHT THEN AND THERE. 

- If a girl comes to you with an issue she is having, you must always have the answer to fix her problem. You shouldn't just stand there and ask "what do you want me to do?"

- Also use your hands and learn how to put shit back together. It will freak me out the day I meet a man that doesn't know his way around anything. 

- The charlie sheen saga is really over played and I could give 2 fucks about what happens to him. 2 men and a baby or what ever show he was on was stupid as shit anyways. 

Every time I see animals like this it makes me feel like such a horrible person for thinking I have a shitty day because of some ridiculous reason, when this cat is happy just the way he is.

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