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Monday, March 21, 2011

What the....

Welcome back to this weeks edition of

but don't because according to you, its still spring break..

- Listen to what I have to say because it is valuable. One should ALWAYS keep a travel toothbrush in ones book bag or purse. 

- A song you should know by the end of this week?
"Love is a tired symphony you humm when you're awake"

- Veterinarians have it pretty rough. They love animals and have bleeding hearts that want to save the world. Unfortunately in this age, that costs money. The best people in the world care for their pets, and that in it's self should always be rewarded. 

- I was talking to someone today about how nice it will be when I don't have to make a monthly payment towards debt. So 2011? I vow to get rid of as much of my debt as I can. You should too. 

- Go ahead and brush your shoulders off!

- If a guy or a girl doesn't like you after you have tried your hardest to "woo" them, all you can do is accept it and move on. There is nothing more weird then someone who doesn't get over that one simple fact of nature that rejection is always a possibility. 

- The best thing you could do to a girl is kind of ignore her

- Don't know if you know, you should never rely on people. I know that sounds totally harsh and I really wish I could take it back, but I wont. People are unreliable! plain and simple! I don't mean to sound pessimistic because if there is anyone in the world that wishes they were, it would be me. For your own safety, just don't. 

- These are very relevant 

-Speaking of coffee. Next time you are waiting in the drive through at a starbucks or local coffee shop, offer to pay the person's tab behind you. Good deeds are awesome. 

- I wanna know why everyone feels the need to get TOO personal on their status updates. I skim through everyones to make sure everyone is still alive and made it another day, and manage to come across the most pathetic updates i've ever heard. OR its some life inspirational quote. Hey, look... I don't think by updating about how you realized that the sunsets every night and thats something to appreciate is really going to make ANYONE on your face book take a large step back and pat you on the back. Also, I get really uncomfortable seeing people I've talked to for about maybe 5 minutes of my life post something like "I just might kill myself if he leaves" yeah? okay.. do it... at least I wont have to see you update about that shit again. 

- Hey my area is just that, MY AREA. sure its a little scattered at the moment but I never leave it unclean or manageable. Some other people on the other hand seem to live having LOADS OF SHIT piled up everywhere. God guys how could you live like that?! 

- I am determined to use a bike as my main source of transportation once I sell a kidney and spend my lifes saving to buy one. 

- Um yeah, dude I just met? It is totally NOT okay to call me any pet names. We haven't even officially greeted each other and you think its all of a sudden okay to call me "mami?" fuck you! seriously! It's fucking "MA'AM" dick, get it right or get it tight. 

- It has been released. The new Bro-shake called "Hellbows" 

In case you haven't please follow the instructions and comment on my give away post. No biggie, I just have some awesome stuff I'd like to give away. If you don't want it, then you're an asshole. Just click on the link and get to work. 

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