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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have been doing some real searching for some good music. I came across this cover song of nirvana.

Look my whole childhood years were pretty much spent listening to 90's rock like smashing pumkins, pearl jam and tool. However, nirvana was always being played and they never really get old, but I always HATE when bands do cover songs. Maybe because there riffs are so easy to learn, and usually among the first kids learn to play when they start playing guitar, so in guitar class I would CONSTANTLY hear my brother playing their songs. anyways...
This has been on repeat for like last 24 hours (bad habit of over playing songs :-/)

So another band I listen to pretty much non-stop is city and colour, and I migheve already posted this song, but because its been sorta rainy here in south florida, it has also been on repeat. I can't wait till his new album comes out. I also can't wait to see him again live.

Ive also always loved this video, maybe its the photographer in me.. but its amazing and so is the song. 

Anon asks

I am pretty sure a girl at my job is trying to sabotage me and my work. I find things missing, she goes behind my back and talks shit about me to everyone. How do I get her to stop? 

well Anon, You just have to confront her. Tell her you know what she's doing, and want to know why. If that doesn't help then go to the boss. There really isn't a reason for there to be no communication in this process. You can't get a long with everyone, just be sure to get along with most. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 

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