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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I have to say...


Jesus starting the dating process is much like trying to hire a new employee. At least that would be the most easiest way to explain it after having to weed through the many applicants.

Do you enjoy scary movies?
Do you enjoy animals, and don't mind having a large dog sneak into bed with you?
Have you ever cheated on anyone, or been convicted of a felony?

I mean these are big deals to me. I can't be with someone who doesn't enjoy the same things I do. I just seems like nobody is actually crossing off their criteria, and just jumps straight into dating which probably leads to a lot of unhappiness

A question I wonder a lot when I hear about failed marriages is whether or not people just ignored the signs in the beginning of dating. I know people who are married, and married someone knowing they have a history of cheating and will beat there relationship to death wondering whats going on. I mean is that something a smart person would ignore?

I get love conquers all but, does stupidity and ignorance just cover up evidence? and how many times have you put things on the back burner because they are simply "not that big of an issue now" should things even be put on the back burner when you are dealing with a relationship.

sure no one is perfect and there are small insignificant qualities I may over look because your personality outshines everything else, but when someone asks you to marry them, why isnt the first thing you ask yourself "is this the right thing for me to do, and am I doing it for the right reasons?"

And I know that people just plain and simple get unhappy with their marriages. That people change, things become a but more clearer over time, what ever it is they say to themselves now-a-days. I am not advocating unhappiness, if you have done everything in your power to make things work, and it just isn't then there is no reason to continue pushing it. I just wonder sometimes if people sometimes take the time to think of wether or not its going to really work given the facts of how there relationship has been thus far.


  1. emily, i'm sorry to get all up on your blog but i cannot send you a message via fb. please accept my friend request (i come in peace), i have something to tell you. thanks.

    -maya setton

  2. never mind, i just found your emilyisasecret@yahoo.com address. i'm sending you something, i hope you take the time to read it. thank you.