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Friday, April 15, 2011

I was loosing all of my friends... but I got them back...

I was getting ready the other day, and kept asking myself over and over "Am I missing something?" Thinking I might be forgetting one important step before a date (I am usually missing something all the time anyways) So here is a list of things you should do before a big date. 

Okay, personally when I know I'm going on a date I like to prepare about a day ahead of time. I know what you are thinking "what in the hell type of show are you running?!" I can assure you it's a damn good one... 

So now your asking "what could you possibly do the day before your date?"

- Wash and clean the outside/inside of your car. Look, I don't personally think anyone is looking at my car when I am on a date, because guys usually have to pick me up because of that whole chivalry thing BUT IN THE INSTANCE HE IS IN MY CAR the number one thing he would do, is take a look at what is going on inside of my car. Why? because thats what I do when I'm in a dudes car. Checking out his cds, glove box, carpeted floor... the whole 9 yards... So do yourself a favor and wash/clean your car the day before EVEN if you don't think anyones going to be in it.

- Clean your room. You can do this the day of the actual date, I just prefer to have 1 less thing I have to worry about the following day. Other then being a snoop in your car, I also check out your room. Are your clothes put away? Does your floor look clean? Do your sheets smell snuggly clean? Is your dirty clothes being washed? Any cups/bowls that started growing its own colony? Sorry, but a personal space can say a lot about someone. I am not saying people aren't allowed to be dirty, because I have had my fair share of clutter craziness, but It usually doesnt last for long. 

- If you are the type of person to get their hair cut/done before a date NEVER make it the day of. It's a bad omen. 

- Anything you would NEVER want anyone to see, such as porn, pictures of an ex, a really personal journal ect... Make sure is put away where not even YOU can find it later. I am nosey... what can I say?

- Don't feel bad for placing things you DO want someone to see, like cute adorable baby pictures, You're awesome DVD collection, Trophies.. what ever makes you look 

Now, I don't believe in sex on the first date (or the second for that matter) if you go against this rule, then you can skip this whole entry all together as you are probably not looking for something more then just a fuck. Morality is key here, why? because it can easily sort out the douche bags from the good guys. Also because if you are looking for something other then a one night stand, the one thing you DON'T want to do is have sex obviously. 

The day of the date:

- Do shower. Duh, right? NO NOT DUH! MANY PEOPLE FORGET THIS STEP! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! Make it happen an hour before too. 

- Shave. SHAVE EVERYTHING! except your beard of course, why? because even though you aren't going to have sex, we can still weasel our way into finding out if you are a clean person, and you do not want to be caught unshaven.. it shaves points off for you. 

- Don't wear too much make up.. Even if your job is a makeup artist, sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. I cant count how many times I've regretted wearing too much mascara/eyeliner.. 

- Brush your teeth right before you leave. Floss too.

- Don't wear lipstick, stick with chapstick. I would think its kind of awkward trying to rub off lipstick from a guys lips and in most cases it never rubbs off.

- If you are breaking out the night before, I use:

My brother had the worst acne as a kid and after seeing 3 different dermatologists and trying everything the doctors prescribed, my mom started buying meds over the counter and this stuff cleared up his face in a matter of days. I use it as spot treatment and it gets rid of my breakouts in usually a day or two. 

- If you are the dude, YOU DO THE FUCKING PLANNING! I mean if there is a place she really wants to go, then fine.. but I hate when a guy asks me out on a date and then asks where I want to go.. If I knew where I wanted to go, I wouldeve asked you out bro... 

- I talk about sex when I am nervous. I also talk about it because I am nosey as hell, but I know I probably shouldn't on the first date... so lets stick with that. 

- Dress accordingly.. I mean if you know the date is going to take place at a dog park, its probably not a good idea to wear a dress and heels. If the date is going to be at a 5 star restaurant, its probably not a good idea to wear jeans and some sneakers. Knowing how to dress will also get you good points, so don't dress like a slob or a hooker. 

- I dated a guy once who changed his underwear once a week...

Yeah, I am not proud of it okay... Plus I didn't ever get to really personally find that out if you catch my drift. MY POINT IS... change your underwear daily. Hell, change it twice a day if you want. I would rather that then once a week.

Are there any steps I missed you would like to share? Let me know by leaving a comment! 

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