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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

million dollar week.

I found myself wondering a lot about sexuality tonight. (I think about sex a lot... sue me....) and I started to wonder about gay or bisexuality and why it is so hard for people to understand that it is just simply someone's preference.

I never quite understand why some people are so quick to say "its just wrong". If for whatever reason, someone from a certain religion woke up one day and read their version of the bible in such a way that made them understand that being straight (or attracted to the oposite sex) was morally wrong and nothing but a sin, would I be able to turn off what I love simply because someone says what I feel is wrong? would you?

I mean really think about it... could you accept that this is "just what is morally right" that for one second the tables are turned? could you let a girl or a guy lay with you (I mean lay as in "to have sex") I couldn't, I mean I just couldn't let it happen, I would feel like vomiting

And I love woman! I do! I think we are a beautiful species, I can never get enough of the different shapes and sizes. But I am straight, 110% strictly dickly my friends.

So, if God created us to love ONLY the opposite sex, then why would God allow us to be born with the feelings for someone of the same sex.

Maybe pop culture/TV/News/sex/movies has something to do with "turning" someone gay
Maybe its genes and you are just born that way...
Maybe its personal conflict with a past..

I don't know, because I am not gay, but that just gives me more of a reason to believe that all of these options are viable. Just because I don't fully understand something doesn't mean that you or anyone else should believe in what I believe in when I have not a clue of why it occurs. It also doesn't mean that just because someone is different then you, means they are wrong just because they are doing something you don't quite know how to relate to.

It would be like if someone said "being fat is wrong, and you will go to hell for it"

Look, sometimes people are fat because their parents are fat. Some are fat because they REALLY love food. Some are fat because they have something internally going on.

Some of these reasons are things they can help, and some are not and either way, God will accept that.

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