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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twilight Zone

I wanted to share this song today by SoLo. I have pretty much been listening to his album non-stop on my way to work. You know when you hear a song that so good, you can't help but move. Yeah I totally have my white girl moments to this song.

On another note can I just ask why some people find the need to give you their work out advise when you never asked for it in the first place? I find it personally rude and unforgivable at times. Look, what works for you wont necessarily work for me, how would you feel if I busted my ass off trying to get your results and they made me look like a man afterwards? I would kill you.

I am really happy you are getting the results you are getting, but you can refrain from trying to give me trainer advice when it clearly isnt your forte.

Also remember when your parents used to tell you "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all"? What the hell happened to that statement? I love it when I get a comment that is rude beyond belief and they are completely oblivious to it. Umm yeah... you just basically called me a needy idiot... and you don't feel bad about that?

Do me a favor and think before you speak. Just because you don't think what you are saying at the time will have an effect on the person at the time, just think about it for a second. DICK.  

Now Tuesday here is your sex position of the day...

Mastery - kneeling 

This is one seriously sexy position. Lovers of virtually every fitness and skill level can enjoy the benefits of Kneeling Mastery. It is intimate, erotic, and naturally gives rise to plenty of kissing, thanks to the face to face contact that affords it. Because of its ease and simplicity, couples can go at it for ages!
Find yourselves a comfortable couch and have the receiving partner straddle their mate's lap facing them. Because the receiver can perform this move unassisted, the sitting partner is free to explore their body or augment their movement, using their hands underneath the buttocks to bounce the receiver or draw them closer. However, although this kneeling pose is comfortable and fun, those with knee problems may find it a bit of a strain.
Using a firmer couch prevents the receiver’s knees from sinking into the cushions, which allows them to move more freely and improves their capacity to go the distance.

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