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Monday, April 4, 2011

we should rent a movie or something..

- Never borrow money from family members. Just don't do it. They are family but there has to be some boundaries. Dig yourself out of your own hole, the reward will be much more satisfying. 

- Nobody, with the exception of close friends and relatives, cares about your personal life. Unless they personally ask you, there is no reason to volunteer personal information. 

- When going to an outside wedding always
1. wear sunblock
2. watch out for red ant piles.  

- You can tell a lot about someone, just by the dreams they have.

- I have been trying to completely stop texting while driving. Yes, I do it but don't act like you don't either. I once saw a cop doing it! anyways, its almost gotten me into a few accidents which is why I have tried to stop. 

- According to Hannah, if you like a guy and would like to pursue  relationship with him, all you have to ask is "Hey, are you DTF?" 

- If you both reach the same answer but each used a different equation to get there, does it mean you are both wrong? No. So don't knock it till you try it. 

- If your dream job is something you aren't actively trying to pursue, then you should get another dream job.

- I would like to answer the phone at my job like this around christmas time

- Always assume someone's is out to get you, you will appreciate when they actually aren't

- A lady told me once "How could you let your dog not use the bathroom between 8pm and 7am?" the same way you do at night, its not rocket science. 

- It doesn't matter what size you are, If you believe you are beautiful, then you are! as long as you believe it!

- I don't care what you say, black swan was just about natalie portman trying to masturbate. 

This is relevant:

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  1. I LOVE the tattoo flow chart, that is AWESOME! Every tattoo shop should have one around. Then again, they could lose business.....