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Saturday, April 9, 2011

You wont know

I just have a quick question.

Why as humans do we have the ambition to be so fucking nosey? Have you ever been at a red light and just happen to glance over to see someone leering in your car? Jesus dude, keep your eyes on the road.

Or even in personal life, I have the strangest addiction to peek into everyones personal business as if it were some real interesting subject in school. I'd love to say its because I care, but thats not entirely the truth. I look at people like mechanical beings knowing what goes on in their personal life is what steers them in their current direction and that intrigues me so much. Everyone I know is like a puzzle to me, trying to figure you out, most of you are really easy, but some aren't and those are the ones that make life interesting for me.

Anyways... it is still so interesting to me that I can ask a million questions and figure you out in just a few seconds of knowing you, yet you still know nothing about me other then I have tattoos, and an attitude problem.

I've learned that everyone is dying to tell their story thus far, and they will sing about it under a bold spotlight if given the chance with out any fear of the consequences. Maybe for some people, who don't pay attention to detail, the real idea of you may slip through the cracks but I see you... I see right through you.

1 comment:

  1. i am the same way. i think that's why our culture loves reality tv.
    and whenever i find a dirty dude staring into my car at a red light i try to move up a little. so gross.