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Monday, May 30, 2011

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap...

Happy memorial day! Thanks to all the men, woman and service dogs giving up their wonderful life here to serve our country! This one is for you.

- If a guy is missing 3 out of 4 qualities you look for in a dude, don't let his handsome looks fool you. Be smart about this ladies...

- Joe: If I deny your friend request 3 times in a row.. you should probably learn to take a hint.

- Know that if someone is not what your looking for, and they themselves know this for a fact, then they purely just want to fuck you.

- You wont believe how many times Ive heard that "we will be/are divorced" so spare me

- You wanna start your morning off right? Play an AC/DC song while your getting ready.

You wanna make it more interesting? Do your stripper routine then too. ;-)

- There isn't a reason to feel sorry for anyone, because most people create their own problems. I think they are supposed to learn from them anyways.

- I love how people love to comment rude or just plain mean shit on things you post. Why? I mean why not just keep it to yourself? "wow this is ugly" wow so are you.. sooooooo fuck off? kthnxbai

- I'm doing this new thing, you should try it. Create an alter ego... nicki minaj does it, and people love her.

- There is a fine line between friendship and obsessed/stalker/weirdo creep guy. If I don't want to talk to you, that doesn't mean CONTINUE TO TRY AND TALK TO ME. Friends don't force friendship.

- If you don't agree with some one's relationship, that's fine. It may just end up working perfectly just for them. Which will make you look like a total asshole. So if you have something to say, make sure you think about what you are going to say first. 

- I've found that there is no difference in pretending you have personality traits, then actually having them. 

- I have a friend that thinks it wouldn't be such a bad idea for a girl to have a friend that she purely uses to satisfy herself. They both know there are no strings attached, it's just like studying for a class, you both are learning together.. I dunno if this is such a bad thing.. 

- You don't want to insult a photographer that can teach you a lot about photography..

- You can't find love on the Internet, so stop thinking you can! You are forcing the idea of love which usually always back fires. 

- Look before you go and judge a song, give it at least 15 seconds before you change the song.. I know a lot of songs with crappy beginning but fantastic endings

- I hate waking up from a dream that you know you shouldeve known was a dream

- I just want you to understand something. Anal sex isn't natural for straight woman. If you are a straight woman and you enjoy having anal sex, then you are something out of this world entirely and you can ignore this post, but because I don't believe they exist, just like unicorns, here is my theory. Woman say they enjoy anal sex because men say they enjoy anal sex and because in all honesty men are running out of things to fuck. Tits, mouth, hand, vagina... oh fuck... what now?

what now? no... not what now... anal sex isn't and shouldn't be an option okay? why would you want to fuck the hole where we shit from? That's like fucking a 24 year old uncleaned dumpster... wtf is wrong with you? Not to mention its spent years letting things only come out, not once have I ever tried to put something back in...

And really? what, my vagina's not good enough for you? my clean beautiful vagina isn't at the top of your list anymore? I gotta tell you, I'm a little upset about that. Sure woman will allow it to happen either because 1. They love you and its something that you REALLY want (why you want it, is beyond me) 2. The girl is a whore and Her vagina is loose. So next time you are thinking "I'm wanna fuck her in the ass" think back to this post...

"I speak the truth and everybody else knows it,
So set your ego to the side and just get the fuck over it.

Can't waste my time on hateful people like you.
So keep wishing you were me and I'll keep making you have to."

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  1. i disagree: you can find love on the internet!