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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I don't want one position, I want all positions.

Dos and Dont's for your birthday.

- Yes you are allowed to play a theme song with the word birthday in it all day long. It has been proven to prolong your life, so do it and dance.

- Don't throw a party for yourself. I mean its okay for you to get some friends together, but I always feel awkward inviting friends that should have known its my birthday.

- Another reason not to throw a party is because you will be stuck having to clean up after your dirty friends, which is exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday... clean.

- Do spend money on yourself. Seriously, take that extra 20 bucks you have left over from paying bills and go get your nails done, or buy a 6 pack... because yes, on this day, the world revolves around you.

- Don't feel bad about posting on a friend networking website a list of the things you would like for your birthday. about a million dollars worth of useless stuff has been given to me over the course of years for gifts. I know, its the thought that counts but that thought can be a lot more appreciated with something that i actually need. I don't, and probably wont ever need a bread maker.. yet I still got one for Christmas...

- Be your own DJ. I hate when you go to a party and everyone else is playing their jam. Um... excuse me I bought everything you are stuffing your face with so if you could please stay away from the music table I would be very grateful

- I know I said useless gifts are... well useless.. but that doesn't mean that they aren't appreciated.

- Ask for the day off in advance. Bosses don't understand that on your birthday, you need some time off. They wont understand the day before either.

- Please have birthday sex.

- Stay off of you diet for ONE FRICKEN DAY.

- Do something you wouldn't normally do. Go to a hotel, spoil yourself.

Happy Saturday folks!

I know you are wondering "where the heck are the rest of the pictures of that ridiculously adorable couple you shot last week?" well they are coming, I will be spending the rest of tonight editing them but to hold you over, I made a mixtape for this month of all the songs I am really getting into this week.

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