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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I just need some body to love...

Am I the only person who is addicted to confessions of an animal hoarder?

Its like a train wreck all I want to do is stop it from happening but I can't stop watching.

I went to a shooting range for the first time with my friend Andrew to test out his SIG SAUER® P226® that he just recently purchased. I have been thinking about getting a gun (Along with everything else I've been thinking of getting: Car, Naked Cat, Apartment, Lenses, Camera) but I have a list of things I need to purchase first. I will however definitely have one before I move. As if having a 126lbs dog isn't enough...

It was nice though, the weather was still hot at Trail Glades Gun Range but we were under an enclosure and there was a nice breeze, I also think I was so nervous about holding a gun that it also didn't help with the heat. I have always been scared just because of school. They always had police men come in and talk about the safety of guns and not to mention all the horror stories I heard as a kid where kids my age shot their best friend while "playing" with a gun. I'm also accident prone, so I figure if I don't even touch it, I wont fuck it up. All this talk about the apocalypse made me a little nervous knowing all I have to defend myself is a rusty axe (oh yeah, I'm fucking good with an axe, don't be fooled) and while those never run out of ammo, I would still like to have some sort of firearm. So we took a safety class before, they taught us the fundamentals of gun handling and then we were off.

Okay, so at first I was a terrible shooter. Andrew says otherwise but I really think he was trying to be nice BUT! I will say this. I definitely hit my target numerous of times. The safety guard even came over after we were done and said "Hey, this dude over here, hasn't even hit the target once.... (shakes head)" so I felt a little better about that.

I also went to look at a bmw 2002tii today. I am pretty happy with it. Dad and I are talking about making an offer..
I actually even like the blue color, but I know adriana is not going to allow it. She says "orange is you, and you only" so we will probably end up painting it colorado orange which is an original bmw color. 
oh beemer, I miss you... :-/ 

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