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Thursday, May 19, 2011

In addition to look for an apartment I am also looking at sphynx's for ollie to have as a friend while I am away at work, or photo shoots. Luckily there are a few breeders here in south florida so I will be posting updates on the ones I visit.

Don't get this confused with a sphinx. I am not talking about mythological creature. I am talking about the hairless cats.

This is my first option. I really like what the breeder has put out so far as far as litters go. Her cats are quality stuff. Thing is this kitten is a female, and working at a vet clinic I always think male cats are 100 times more affectionate then females. However this is why I like the breed so much. THEY ARE SO AFFECTIONATE. 

Anyways, Ill fill you in as the time comes. I plan on doing and entry on each breeder I meet up with. :) 

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