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Monday, May 23, 2011


- I love working for free

- Don't let other people make decisions for you, you will regret not following your intuition in the first place.

- Never feel offended if a girl JUST wants to have sex with you. Take it as a compliment. 

- Can I just say something? Sure I was probably asking for this when I decided to get tattoos that weren't going to be covered, but can you please stop fucking staring at me like I'm some fresh piece of meat for you to eat? Some people are either too fresh or too rude when it comes to people with tattoos and I'm honestly tired of it. How is your opinion going to make anything any better? hmm? close your mouth and stop staring please. I am buying groceries just like you, its not like I'm standing there with a severed head. Jesus. 

- Don't be so nervous on dates, It's obvious and there really isn't a reason for it. 

- Don't be the dude that asks "I don't know, what would you like to do?" If I knew what I wanted to do, don't you think I would've been the one to suggest this date? There is nothing more unattractive then a guy who doesn't have a clue about what the fuck is up. Execute the date man! fucking plan it and make it cool as shit, don't give her the opportunity to change something YOU wanted in the first place. I mean sure, you should be polite but thats where chivalry comes in to play. Open doors for me but don't make me the date planner. I wanna see what you have up your sleeves. I wanna see what you have to offer me and if I am the one making plans then you aren't offering shit! I want a guy who knows what he is doing, and it's totally cool if you don't but at LEAST act like you do! 

- There doesn't always have to be a conversation. You should be comfortable with silence. 

- First off let me obviously state that I am not a fucking moron. I know this because well.. look at this blog.. but for some reason I have people in my life that continue to make me feel like the biggest piece of shit on this planet and there excuse is always "Im not trying to be a dick I'm just telling you this so you won't make that mistake later on in life when it matters" yeah? well let me be the first to tell you you are being a dick. There is such thing as being polite and not shitting in my cereal. I just so happen to be having a good morning, they got my coffee right at starbucks and it was free so stop "trying" to teach me a lesson this morning when it really doesn't matter anyways. I don't think that by aligning my shoe laces in the correct pattern is going to save me from a catastrophe later on in life. 

- I love when people generally care about what's happening in my life. Everyone that takes a small second of their day to read this blog is amazing. I got like 4 text messages from people telling me there was a cat show on animal planet about sphynx's you guys are awesome. 

- Just because you believe in God and go to church every weekend doesn't make you a christian. 


- How could someone be so selfish to think that they themselves are what brought a family back together? You aren't the only fucking human being in a family asshole.

- Just so you know, because it seems like you don't.. there is no I in TEAM 

These are pictures from when I celebrated my cousins birthday!

I love these cuties.

Tilly photo bombed. 

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