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Friday, May 20, 2011

Prime example

This is option #2

He doesn't look like much on the left but the breeder says he will have seal point markings which is the kitty on the right. I like this one more then option #1 because 
1. He's a male. After working at a vet clinic for the last 4 years, I have come to realize that male cats are usually nicer and more affectionate then female cats. Its just purely observation.
2. He has better coloring then the female, EVEN THOUGH I really like the female and her colorings. 

The breeder seems nice so far, I was a little concerned if I remember correctly when I got Ollie, the breeder made me fill out a questionnaire which made me feel a little bit better because I felt like the breeder actually cared where her dogs were going. However after contacting over 7 breeders, I have only had one have me fill out a form. I guess cat breeders work differently. 

Speaking about contacting people, I have been contacting my friends in nashville and some new folks in portland. Marlene is making me visit some part of texas, she says I wont regret it. Though its not like she can move there anyways because shes still stuck in North Carolina. 

I like the "some how manage to make clutter look cute" look. I can never make it work for me, I can only hope some day I can. Its been hard making lists of apartments to look at while I am away because I have Ollie, who might as well be 125 lbs of sleep meat because thats all he does is lay around. Most of the apartments in Nashville as for pets under 50lbs. Portland is such a different story, they allow any breed and any number of animals (under 5)

All of June is almost all booked up with photo shoots which is exciting and almost saddening considering the person that was supposed to come though and pay me for some pet sitting services, which I was going to use for some new lenses, hasn't and probably wont which is exactly why you shouldn't trust anyone for anything these days. Adriana is right though, I have been using Carousel Studios to rent camera equipment and they are fairly priced and It gets the job done in the mean time. 

Speaking about not trusting anyone.. just so we can touch base on that. Don't ever take anyones word for anything even if they are family members. Expect the worst because its bound to happen and if it doesn't then you will be 10 times more appreciative when it doesn't. 

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