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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Somebody give me a sign that every thing's going as planned.

Lets get one thing straight. While I talk about all this fucking and sucking, I do it purely for the advice of others in my life and sometimes rarely for my own (because I think if anyone knows better, it would be me)

I am the girl you want to bring home to mom, the girl of your wildest dreams (trust me on that) but I am not some secret slut. I am a give and take kind of person, and if you are only offer is just for yourself, you can go else where.

There will come a day where every single on of you will wish you never made the mistake you did.

"I think I know why they always make you a secret. No body wants something that good to get out in the open"

And while we are on the subject of blow jobs...

ladies don't get it in your head that you need to deep throat a guy. Vomiting on someone's cock isn't acceptable. Use your hands and your mouth, hell get creative with it. It's not always just about mouth action.

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