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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wow, angles.

Anon asks:

I have a friend who's in love with a guy who has no idea who she really is. They pretty much only have one thing in commmon, and it seems to be distorting her vision - she's choosing to just be ok with "eh" even though she deserves the best. What do I do?

It is kind of tough because anyone in this situation thinks their friend is not even going to listen. You have to ask yourself if its important enough to have a weird static between the both of you afterwards. I say this because sometimes the outcome isn't very pretty when you try to open someone's eyes to something they are not willing to see themselves. My best friend is afraid to tell me things just because she knows I am right about everything, and these are things she knows she's doing wrong but as humans its like we HAVE to try things even if its bad for us. 

If you are very concerned with her wait till it is just you and her and explain how you feel. I normally will do this when a friend is already questioning a situation between her and her boyfriend (or vice versa) because at that time they are already in the right mindset to question your opinion as well. 

I think I've said this before that people like to "settle" for things because they are impatient and want to feel something with someone else even if that feeling is a dull feeling to begin with. No body likes to be alone and some people hate that feeling more then others. Its almost like drowning, they spend more energy trying to swim to the top  which ends up making them drown faster. I am not saying to just sit there and drown. Maybe this is a bad analogy. 

Point being that you should make her understand that there is always going to be someone that is your puzzle piece. Literally, everything you have ever wanted in someone is out there, somewhere, making their way to you somehow. You just have to ask yourself... Is that worth waiting for? 

Anon asks: 

Emily, what makes you so attractive to me? 

Umm.. I don't know apparently my parents have the "attractive" gene? 

Okay guys here Is option number 3!

This is more of what I was looking for in terms of coloring. He's a male and this is his daddy who he will resemble more of in the coming weeks.

I have been speaking with another breeder who usually has the kittens I love but currently doesn't have any up for sale at the moment and probably wont till December, I am seriously considering in waiting till that time comes but this little guy stole my heart this morning. 

Do you have any questions? If so, please don't hesitate to ask on anything and everything here on my formspring

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