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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Add them together.

Anon asks:

My ex has a very sick child, whom I love very much. His mother and I don't speak anymore due to the breakup being fresh and her being resonantly married. I feel like I should be there for him, but I don't want anything to do with her. What should I do?

Hmm, So I am assuming you are the dad and whether you are or aren't that's still no excuse not to be in some one's life if you care about them so much. Being that I don't know much about your situation, I am going off of the information provided. In any relationship, whether its friends or family there needs to be a good healthy line of communication. I guess something went wrong between the both of you, possibly a disagreement somewhere? No one is saying you HAVE to like her, but if you want this child in your life then you aren't going to get much from holding grudges and being a sour puss. Now I could be wrong about this, maybe she's the one holding a grudge/being a bitch and really wants nothing to do with you but if you are in fact the father of this child then you can do what is right by making sure he/she is being taken care of. Offer to take him for the weekend or for a week, call to talk to him, speak to her like an adult about how things are going. I know its hard to get over things, more specifically when you both go through having a child together. Also for the child it is VERY important for you to be active in his life, that means daily phone calls and never missing a baseball game whether this chick has a new dude in her life or not. He is not his father, YOU are. Don't ever let another man take that from you.

Anon asks:

Okay well me and my gf started going out a week ago but we had about 3 months where we were just friends, we have everything in common and are very open with each other, we have already had sex but if we both know that we are truly ready, is that rushing?

I don't believe all this hype in whether something is being rushed or not. "Oh we can't move in together, its too soon" or "Oh you can't meet my parents yet, its too soon" Go with what you feel is right. After all, the only people in your relationship are you and the other person involved (and me). Not her/his parents or friends. Is having sex in the first week of dating someone wrong? from a stand point, maybe but if you love someone, and you know when you do, then what ever happens is right. Sure in the grand scheme of things maybe waiting is a little better so that you know what/who you are dealing with, but if you have both been friends for sometime now, and you feel like you know this person in there entirety then there isn't really a reason to stop yourself. Don't let other people tell you what is right or wrong, just do what you feel is right. Also, never forget to wear a condom/ 

Anon asks:

Could you please do a post on how to get over someone?

Surely. I don't know why this is hard for some people, because it seems so easy for me. That's because I think people who think I am not good enough for them, are CLEARLY not good enough for me and I would rather them have some shitty piece of ass then this fuiiinnnne lookin thing right hurr! 

But since it is not that easy for everyone else here are some pointers.
1. Get rid of everything that reminds you of that person. This doesn't mean you have to throw everything away, maybe you can stick some stuff in a box and put it away in your attic and never touch it again, or just throw everything away.
2. Erase them completely. Take them off of facebook or any other networking site and don't feel bad about it either. You will always be able to find them later on when you are over this bullshit.
3. Start rebuilding. Change SOMETHING about you. Go get a haircut, get your nails done, have a facial, go to a strip club for the first time (but don't enjoy it too much cause that's weird) 
4. Remind yourself that it wasn't you who wasn't good enough. UNLESS! you were the one who was in the wrong. 
5. Stop calling/texting them.
6. Stop posting really weird status updates about how sad and pathetic you are.
7. Stop trying to get them back.

The worst thing someone could do is FORCE someone into liking them. That means they are coming back solely because they feel sorry for you. 

I have started Implementing this for insults and pet names... You should try it and tell me what you come up with! 

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