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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anon: "My girlfriend recently broke up with me. I miss her so much but shes in love with someone else now. What can I do to get over her?"

When I was younger I took these situations to heart. I would cry all night and feel like my heart was being ripped out of my chest when I found out a boyfriend was cheating on me or didn't have feelings for me anymore. Then one night it hit me, I realized the perfect way to stop myself from crying. I started to think of all the amazing things that would come afterwards. Hell, if this douche bag didn't want me that just meant there was someone greater to come along. I started to imagine how things would be if that person was here with me at that moment, how they wouldn't ever treat me that way and all of a sudden it made things so much more easier to cope with. You deserve to be with someone who loves you just as much as you love them if not more, and sure it hurts that this person thinks you aren't enough but that doesn't mean you aren't. Getting over people takes time, in the mean time while you are day dreaming of that perfect girl, take this time to change a few things for the better. When I say stuff like that, i forget to mention that change should always better a person, not worsen them.. so don't be one of those dudes that become a frequent at the strip club or pick up some ridiculous bad habit. Pick up a good hobby like running or fishing, something that isn't detrimental to your health or well being.

Anon: "I have a girlfriend but I just don't feel anything with her. Shes really pretty and a nice girl but the truth is, there is someone else I have eyes for. This other girl doesn't even notice me, I feel stuck"

I have friends who constantly do this, they just settle because being with something is better then being with nothing. Really? are you that lonely? I mean this girl probably really likes you.. and your just dragging her around. You aren't stuck, you just don't want to be the asshole that leaves his g.f because shes not good enough or the dude that doesn't even care. If you are dating someone you feel nothing for then what are you doing? That's like stuffing your face when you weren't ever hungry. "Just like pissing in the wind" - Incubus. seriously... if you don't like her then there is no point to with her. Now, if you do think its possible for you to have feelings for her, then i suggest getting rid of the notion that this other girl, that doesn't even notice you, and she some how might one day, completely out of your head.

Anon: "I have a crazy ex boyfriend. He is just like a cancer, He keeps coming back! I don't know how to make him go away!"

I've been there and done that. I still have problems with an ex sometimes and I have known him for most of my life. The best thing (please take my word on this) is to change your number and erase him completely from your life. Get rid of any reminders and if you see him trying to get in contact with you just ignore it. Only bad things can come of it. Also.. Assholes don't change.. they really don't.. they say they have, but it doesn't mean shit. Think bad to the above statement.. "Think of how one day you'll have someone that perfectly matches you" cause you and I both know this fucker wont...


  1. Yeah ex's can be BAD NEWS! One of mine actually carved my initials into his leg to try and get me back. Years later he found me on facebook and sent me a friend request. After ignoring his request a few times and getting an angry message as to why I didn't accept his request I had to just tell him outright "No, I'm not interested in being friends with you". Haven't heard from him since. I definitely found that being straight up with people and honest with yourself is the way to go. It eliminates a HUGE amount of bs. And when you're honest with yourself you tend to get what you want out of life... like the anon who "doesn't feel anything" for his gf and has eyes for someone else... GROW A SET!! and be honest with yourself. You might not get that girl you have eyes for, but at least you're not leading your girlfriend on.

  2. ...and if it turns out you DO really want to be with your girlfriend then shut the fuck up and stop looking at other women.

  3. lol I love it! thanks for commenting!