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Friday, June 3, 2011

beef cake.

Okay so here we go for a little more advice..

You always hear about people being obsessed but you always assume they are talking about a movie star or really over exaggerating. I just wanted to point out a few things so someone who maybe doesn't know if they are in fact being obsessed, can check off this list. If you find yourself checking off most of these things if not all of them then I think it would be safe to say you're obsessed.

1. You text message twice in a row the same text just to make sure the other person got that text (maybe even three times)

2. You do things for your crush they would never ponder about doing for you.

3. You post poems/blogs/status updates you know they can read and are able to differentiate between a song, or an actual poem about them by putting in a common phrase you both know or use.

4. You wait till he/she leaves the bathroom to smell what she recently relieved 
himself/herself of.

5. You find yourself asking them daily "what's wrong?" or "Why aren't we friends?"

6. They may have even once said "I don't like you" but you took it as a challenge to change.

7. At night you think about the day you will "win" them back (?????)

8. You buy new clothes hoping they will notice you.

9. You buy them gifts hoping they will notice you.

10. You surprise them at their car hoping they will notice you.

11. A person has a personal boundary of 2 feet, did you cross it?

12. They may have said "I just want to keep this professional" but you heard "I just want to fuck your brains out. please stay in my personal boundary"

13. You find yourself with an open empty AIM/ichat/messager box thinking what to say first to start a conversation.

14. you have numerous mail drafts of emails you wish you had the balls to send.

15. more then 5 pages out of your journal has their name in it and you guys never talk outside of work/school

16. You talk way too much about how she would look in a wedding dress or how He would look at the alter, or with your children... 

17. You tell them how cute they looked the other night at that show when they never even knew you were there.. 

I know you are freaking out now after figuring this out, it must be a total shock to you. My advice is to just STOP literally drop everything. I know thats a little more easier said then done, but if you don't your friends are going to continue to bug me about writing more and more posts on how to make stop people form being so obsessed. 

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  1. bahahahhahahahahahha!!!! i love this post. it seriously made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!