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Monday, June 27, 2011

The colder your touch, The more it turns me on...

- If When you masturbate, don't make it about how fast you can get off. This isn't a competition, this is YOU time. Plus, being the fastest masturbator isn't something you want to be proud of.

- Let's just get this straight, You ask first, and then I get to answer. You don't just assume that I'll work for you. I mean maybe I will, and maybe I won't but I most definitely WONT do something for you if you just assume it.

- Someone should learn from this. Why do stupid people continue to be friends with people who fuck them over?? 

- I still don't know why I enjoy true blood so much. The acting is horrible and the story line is confusing, yet here I am.. downloading its newest episode...

- Sitting and wishing you were skinny isn't going to make you skinny..

- I spoke to a girl yesterday who looked at me like I was crazy when I said "thats why fat people shouldn't get tramp stamps.. I mean its like don't they know thats the most unattractive thing they could ever possibly do!?" so maybe many people don't know this but... I'll refer back to my original post on tattoo dos and don'ts... but if you are fat, these rules are rules you should definitely follow!

- Don't tag me in shit on facebook that has nothing to do with me.

- Cops was greater when it started in the 90's. WHITE PEOPLE BE CRAZY BACK THEN!

- Why do I automatically have to be the lesbian since I don't have a boyfriend? I'm sexy as fuck! I just don't date stupid.

- I have gotten to the point where I cannot sleep with clothes on... this can be considered both a good thing and a bad thing..

- David Cross is the fucking man...

- I think its sad that we automatically think something is wrong when someone is asking how you are doing. Maybe they just want to generally want to know how you are.. and thats a nice thing to do.

- Just because someone has tattoo's or numerous piercings doesn't mean they are slutty assholes.

- Just because you have a giant cock does not mean you are the fucking man in bed. Listen, I don't know how you got this idea.. literally fucking shit up... doesn't feel good. It doesn't.. it actually kind of hurts... The bigger you are, and don't know what you are doing, the more damage you will cause. I don't know about you, but I like my vagina.. I like it to be... not beat up... so take some classes on how to properly fuck... Then you can start talking..

- You ever want to be some ones best friend, and you want it so bad you almost feel creepy?

- Pencil thin, un-plucked eye brows are not attractive.. Maintain those bitches! 

- I don't want your boyfriend... Believe me... Just fucking believe me.. 

- There's a facebook rule that says you are only allowed to add people you actually know? Does anyone actually follow this? 

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