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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Early in the morning, I'll come calling.

You would be surprised how many people have a worse story to tell then yours. You spend your whole life thinking your life couldn't get any worse, when you have no idea how much worse it couldeve been. Do you feel right about feeling sorry for yourself after knowing this? Don't you feel stupid when you tell someone your life story and they give you the "Oh yeah? guess what mine was like" speech? This isn't a 1 up game bitch. Here is the funny thing, you choose to see your life for what it is, and if you already have a poor out look on your life, chances are your past is going to be a shitty one and guess what that makes you look like? really fucking pathetic. Now, lets say you have a positive out look, guess how much fucking cooler you just got?

"Dads in jail. Its whatever though because on the weekends I paint.. and I'm a good painter."
Guess what I'm thinking? At this point "wow... this kid can take a punch... I like that"
" Dads in jail, moms miserable, my life sucks. I tried suffocating myself last night with a pillow"
Guess what I'm thinking at this point? Nothing! because i wouldn't waste my time going further in a conversation with someone like that.

We don't want to know that your past is actively effecting you in a negative way. We want to know its changed you into a better person. We aren't meant to take what was given to us and THROW IT ON THE GROUND.

we are supposed to take it and learn from it. There's no use in dwelling in the past because its already over, there is no going back. Who wants to be around someone that constantly bringing bad shit back up? I mean that's annoying and takes a lot of effort/energy out of a person, and it shows me that you never get over anything. 

Someone told me recently something really valuable that I didn't quite understand until I was driving to work. It hit me like a ton of bricks, we spend all our time researching/studying/learning about philosophers learning about the "crazy" things they thought/created/invented a long time ago, yet there are no philosophers today. No one is thinking for themselves, creating new ideas for a better future or thinking for anything at all. We spend all this time in school learning about the past and not actively trying to change the future. (yes Sergio.. you mind fucked me 2 days after that conversation :does point gesture:)

We spend our whole lives sticking to what we know instead of implementing the past towards our future to learn from our mistakes. I always heard my history teacher say "the reason we teach history is to teach you of Americas past, and to prepare you for the future" One teacher specifically told me America is running in a circle, we run the same paths with little changes and he listed many examples. If this were true and we KNOW this then how is it we are still making the same mistakes? 

Don't get me wrong, I slip up. I sometimes can't sleep at night because of all the thinking I do. All the things I couldeve done differently, all the people I would kill.. I mean... how many people I would try and save... and maybe if I had the chance to go back, I may change a few things but I have a hard time deciding if I would change the major shitty milestones in my life. In some weird way I am thankful for them, and I really don't know if I would be the same person I am today with out them. 

Also, Life gets tough people. Face it. 

On another note:

To some point I think its okay for someone to create there own persona. More specifically if you are having issues with a certain personality trait. Lets say you are a compulsive liar, and you hate that about yourself and are actively trying to change. In order to do that, you must wake up every morning and tell yourself "I am changing this about myself". You have to live each day constantly reminding yourself that you are changing and soon enough, you will believe it. Sure things slip through the cracks but at least you are trying. What I don't think is okay is someone that lies to themselves. You can't tell someone we are both friends with that you haven't had sex in 10 years and then tell me that I've yet to comprehend "real" love. Who the hell are you kidding? Maybe sex/love is just like wine, it gets better with age but you can't tell me that when its been completely absent in your life for a whole decade. I'm supposed to believe you? then I'm supposed to believe all the rest of your life is just as interesting as that lie? 

common sense teaches us to get from one point to another with using the information we already have and the knowledge from what we have learned in the past. So you mean to tell me you haven't had sex in 10 years yet woman are tossing themselves at you left and right? I am also supposed to believe you have a million friends too?

Lets remember this ladies. Tastefully done nudes are great. They are sexy, and sometimes even acceptable on the Internet. Whats not acceptable is thinking your the shit because you posted cellphone nudes of yourself on some car form and fucked most of the dudes in your car club. Don't get this shit twisted, just because I talk about porn, sex, love, life means that you can too on the Internet. There is a science to this, and the main one being that what I write isn't a reflection of ONLY me, as a matter of fact its a reflection of the many people that I talk to on a regular basis, even sometimes strangers. So don't think that your twitter feed suddenly gets more interesting when you start rating porn from your point of view. 

NAH it doesn't no one cares what you think about porn, why? first off your female and probably like some low rated "intimate" soft core piece and if you don't THAT'S EVEN WORSE! no dude wants to know that you enjoy watching a girl getting rammed in the ass while another dude pisses on her back. If you are into that, that's all on you, but should NEVER be published on some networking site where your JOB or the rest of society can view what you do on your free time.


  1. Fucking awesome post! Your advice at the beginning is superb!

  2. Awesome post!! Yeah self-pity is an awful thing... aside from it being annoying to everyone else it can lead to depression and trigger socio- and psychopathic behavior. People just need to grow up and realize that shit happens... to everyone. Like you said... learn from it! And 10 years w/o sex?! OMG how?! WHY?! As often as I can or me, thank you very much! :) I will say though I don't think sex has anything to do with love. I mean you of course have sex with someone you love, but for me I think people can get it twisted... and if you look at the reaction your body and brain has to sex and orgasms it makes a lot of sense. Those little commitment molecules can really fuck with peoples heads! lol Seriously though, does anyone actually comprehend love? I mean I love my boyfriend, but I've loved other people in the past too... and it's been a different kind of love pretty much every time. I guess the feelings are the same in many ways, but it's just, different. I don't know... when you're not in love with someone anymore it changes what you look for in love... at least for me it does. But someone telling you that you don't understand love is a moron!