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Thursday, June 2, 2011

For art thou

Before I go on and on about ranting on this subject, I just wanted to say that even though I disagree with labels I still accept all kinds of people wether or not they have a specific religion or not. Everyone in my book is created equal unless you do something completely stupid.

Its taken me a while to finally curb the way I think about certain religions and I don't mean curb in a good way. I mean, why is it that someone MUST have a religion? or If your religion is more well known you are automatically put on a pedestal? I just don't understand that, because even with having a specific religion it really does nothing but state an obvious. Thats like saying the shoes I wear today influence my every day life style. They don't, they are JUST shoes.

So why do we automatically think that christians or catholics are a better group of people then lets say someone who is agnostic? Thats like stating white people are better then black people yet openly stating that fact about religion doesn't make me a racist, but stating that fact about whites against black does... that just makes no sense to me.

We also assume that christian folk make better decisions, when christian folk are just like you and I. They lie, cheat, have premarital sex and curse like a sailor on their own watch.

On the subject of cursing, can I just state that cursing isn't a bad thing? Sure its fowl and un-lady like but I don't curse in public, only to those I trust and it is purely to emphasize or describe certain situations or sentences. In stating this, the word "fuck" is just that... a fucking word.

Yet I still try and watch what I say around christians or catholics or anyone who is highly involved in their own religion. I fear I might make them upset or they might "judge" me. Yet they themselves are never in a place to judge anyone.

I know more christians that have cheated or lied, then ones who haven't. Doesn't that say something?

Someone said "Just because you say you are christian doesn't mean you are" and they themselves were a christian. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of being a christian? Judging someone on their own believes?

I mean, from what little I gathered from church (there wasn't much because I was so against what they were teaching) I do remember something along the lines of "excepting everyone as they come to you" and "only God is the one to judge us"

christianity or any religion is simply just a label. Just like ignorant people who think that anyone who wears all black is gothic, and if you are gothic you MUST be depressed. Where the fuck did this stigma come from? Black clothing is simply a choice, and I know a lot of people who are clinically depressed, in fact the only depressed people I know are regular non-gothic human beings.

I just get bothered when someone automaticly thinks "he's a christian, THERE IS NO WAY he will wrong me" The whole point of religion is to do what is right, to have a moral, respectful guideline for the masses so we know better then to fuck shit up. Not a single person ALWAYS does what is right, except for 1 guy...

simon... you know who you are and don't say otherwise because its true.

with the exception of him, we all lie, cheat and are assholes wether you are christian or not. So don't just toss it out there like its supposed to mean something to me or anyone else. Unless you are simon...

If you were a christian, or any sort of loving human being you would be a wee bit more accepting of the many things we all do like have sex, possibly drink a little more then we are supposed to, try different drugs because we are young and careless, get pregnant at the wrong time, make the choice (which is MY choice) to have an abortion and not feel like you are outcasting me into the fiery wolves in hell.

I always hear preachers preach about sinners that "there is one in us all" yet I never hear anyone openly admit to doing anything remotely close something even considered to be sinning and if they do, they are glorified because of their honestly, yet outside of church anyone who's not a preacher, gets look down upon.

Remember that one pastor that got caught sucking another dudes dick and he was OUTCASTED FROM HIS OWN CHURCH AND CITY?... the fucking city kicked him out... Ted Haggard, thats his name. Isn't that the total opposite of what a christian is supposed to do?

I mean, I am not a saint but I know I wouldn't do that to someone I considered a "brother"


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  2. I'm sorry that your views on christianity are so twisted unfortunately anyone can label themselves that. The point of being one though is simply to grow his kingdom and to love one another just as God did when he sent his only son to die for us on a cross. People tend to forget that when Jesus was alive though he was often seen spending time with sinners such as prostitutes in which case he befriended them only with the purpose to change them and make them better people.but he did it in love. As he calls us to do. We are the best way put sinners saved by grace. Grace being something we are given but do not deserve. As far as the cursing goes though the bible also calls us not to curse because out of this mouth also comes praise? Not that we all don't stumble however the bottom line is that you should know enough to keep on trying harder not to do so because how can I convert others to Christ and be an example if I'm not even smart enough to pick an adjective that describes how I'm feeling so I resort to profanity to get my point across?second of all as far as a dude getting kicked out of church for being gay that's just sad but it makes sense not that I would ever condone that but if ur going to church just to go and not because u want to change then what is the purpose in going?the bible literally says that homosexuality is a sin but a sin nonetheless just like adultery, murder, etc. So if he got kicked out I'm sure there were other people that got kicked out as well I just don't think any of their stories were as interesting though.

  3. so your telling me that it is right for a religion to kick people out who clearly need more love then the rest of us? the bible says a lot of things that also contradict one another. It also was written ages ago by men, not by jesus or God himself. The bible is purely a rule book on how to act, a guideline to know right from wrong, and even then, given that it was written so long ago a lot of the things in the bible don't really make much sense and is usually misinterpreted by preachers and pastors. No body else said you needed to curse to get your point across, but if you chose to do so then that would be your choice. I mean if fuck or asshole are curse words, then why isnt elephant foot one? i could use that as a curse word, but its not... yet dick pussy is... ???

  4. No I don't think it's right for them to have kicked him out however if he was a person of a higher position I would defenitly see making him step down. The bible was written through men whom God spoke through, and also the very words Jesus spoke were recorded in there as well hence the case some bibles have his words in red not to get them confused with whom is talking. And btw how was is the bible contradicting? Just out of curiosity.

  5. "It's all bullshit folks, and it's bad for you." -George Carlin

  6. then that makes no sense. You say "there is no one sin greater then the other" yet every preacher says "everyone is a sinner" so then why are regular people preaching? why are pastors preaching the word of god when they themselves are sinners?

    I was going to link you to a few websites but I'm sure you are smart enough to type into google "contradictions in the new testimate"

  7. There isn't we have pastors because they are spiritually more mature people who have literally gone to school and studied biblical scripture on a daily basis the pastor if you will is a spiritual leader who is called to be an example and to help other believers in their faith and even those who don't believe. However again I state that we are sinners saved by grace. That we do not deserve to be forgiven by God but he loves enough to forgive us on a daily basis. Pastors are examples, leaders, spiritually more mature in the faith just like counselors, or youth group leaders. So the answer to your question is yes anyone can be a pastor however these are people who are supposed to know what they're talking about and spiritually mature enough to help others in need and be an example you can't just keep assuming that because one Christian put you down or cast you out that we are all like that just like I don't assume that all people with tattoos are jerks?

  8. I googled what u said though I don't know what u were trying to contradict the websites I all visited were like this man said there were 13generations of people but this one said there was 14. Different books of the bible were written by different men all if whom u read any of their books speak very differently as do u and I. In reading this you will find that one guy will emphasize more things or certain topics that another might just give a brief overview of but as long as the point of the subject is the same or message than where is the contradiction?

  9. so you are telling me the pastors don't sin? at all? do you really believe that? if your answer is yes there really is no reason to continue this argument, because as much as you'd like to believe they don't, I can tell you they do. Everyone makes mistakes, thats like saying doctors go to school to be doctors and always save lives no matter what, its guaranteed. that doesn't ALWAYS happen, just because you have an education in something, it doesn't make you GOD or Untouchable in what ever it is you are studying, it just simply means you are more knowledgeable in a subject then someone who didn't go to school for that.

    and i'm pretty sure as a christian you are supposed to forgive others, as God will do for us yet you will kick someone out of a church or have them formally resign?

    and what does pastors going to school have to do with the fact that every human sins? your information is totally irrelevant, please prove at least one point. I didn't ask "can anyone be a pastor?" I asked "if everyone is a sinner then how are pastors able to preach the word of god, when they themselves are sinners, and if they are doing so, how is a guy who just got his dick sucked a great enough sin to have a church kick him out then any other pastor who sins on a daily basis?" Thats what my question was.

    I am pretty sure ted haggard went to school, or had at least some credibility to his name otherwise people wouldn't bother going to his church, not to mention the church he used to preach at was a mega church not some small hill billy town church, which means he had to have something to back him up...

    My point wasnt just for christians, I don't have anyone putting me down, in fact its the opposite.. i didn't want anyone putting someone on a pedestal simply because they are part of some religion. they automatically assume that because someone is apart of something they automatically make the right choices which is totally wrong. Its just a statement, not a fact and statements don't prove that you always make the right decision.

    don't even get me started on the fact that now we have to some how jump in a sea of bibles and pray we find the right one. what sense does that make.. first you tell me the bible was written by men that god spoke through, now your telling me there are a million different books that other people have written? so i could re-write the bible so that it says anyone as long as they are in love can get married and we can curse as much as we want? if so, there is no need to argue anymore.

    if i wasn't anymore confused about christianity, you have made it so.


    ^^^ these were enough for me personally.

  10. Okay first of all you are reading bits and pieces and mixing them up together just to prove you are right.

  11. Second of all pastors do sin however in any circumstance religious or not u should be an example to others if not educated.that's just common sense.

  12. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lg8h9uXsPI1qbg2r2.gif


    I guess my work here is done then.

  13. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1rWsMn/www.bradyns-blog.com/2011/02/contradictions-in-bible.html

    Before you go spouting off your bible thumping rants, take a look at this.