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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate all the cool dads out there for being there and doing your daddy thing. If you haven't been doing that, then you can go to hell...

Before I start letting you preview all these wonderful pictures Adriana had me do of her fine self for her wonderful boyfriend I just wanted to talk about a few things.

Everyone wants to win an argument, I can safely say that because it sucks to lose, and be wrong but I wanted to make a list of how you might know you are losing an argument, or winning one.

How to know you are losing an argument:

1. When you find yourself texting/calling a person back 5 days after a previous argument to still list facts. If you can't do this in court, you can't do this in real life.

2. When you find yourself listing irrelevant facts to a conversation that has nothing to do with what we are arguing about.

3. When you find yourself posting mean status updates about an argument.

4. If you need to get your "more educated buddy" in on our conversation. I don't mind you asking them for advice, but this is an argument between me and you.. not some random dick hole.

5. When you feel the need to retaliate by sending me pictures of things that clearly prove I'm right in one way or another... for example... If a guy calls me for advice.. and my advice to him is that he's a douche bag.. and then he sends me a picture of him kissing some random girl at a party... dude... that still means you are a douche bag, even if you didn't fuck her.

6. When you understand where another person is coming from, but are still stating the same wrong fact. In the back of your head, you know I'm right but you just wont admit it.

7. If you utter the words "I can see how you might think that"

8. You have that "I know you are, but what am I?" remark. For example "No, I actually think you are being a douche bag, you don't know anything about me"

When you know you are winning an argument:

1. You have more then 1 person backing you up with out you asking them to.

2. Everyone you ask for advice from a stand point feels/has the same answer you do.

3. You question whether its worth it or not to continue arguing because they are obviously not listening.

4. Instead of feeling angry you actually feel fine in the sense this isn't that big of a deal.

5. You actually can't wait till they reply with another stupid comment.

6. You are able to list all factual evidence and they still cannot list one.

I know it's hard to just agree to disagree especially if someone is saying something really hurtful to you but in all honesty maybe what they are saying is true. Many things can be construed in many different ways and that just how one person sees you or a situation. Does that make the other person wrong? maybe, maybe not. At least think about it, where they are coming from, why they might think what they are thinking, it makes you a better person and can save you from an even bigger argument.

I was so tired from all the shoots yesterday that I sent heather my top favs that she needed fairly quickly and right as I was about to shut down my laptop I saw that "Dax's" breeder posted a new video of him and his brothers and sisters!!

He's right at 2:18, formally known as "Xalvador" I seriously cannot wait till Ollie meets him! The breeder actually has a 24 hour webcam on them at all times so I've pretty much been able to watch him grow up! I can't wait till I can go and pick him up! 

I know what your thinking.. "wow, the lighting is gorgeous" I absolutely love this lighting and all I used was an old 70's floor lamp that my grandmother had. 

If you would like to have a photo shoot done by me, please e-mail me or shoot me a comment so we can set one up! 

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  1. Damn I love this girl's style & her hair is gorgeous. (Plus she is gorgeous so that helps :P) Amazing photos as always :)