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Sunday, June 26, 2011

I wanna talk to you...

I have been trying to get over a cold that has been lingering for a couple days now. I took Hannah to miami for a photo shoot she was having. I probably should've at least put on make up. I don't know what part of me wasn't getting with the picture today, I didn't realize how big of a deal this was till I walked in the room and saw SG's own Luscious 
telling me where to stand so I could cool off from the death of miami heat outside. 

Then I realized what I was there for. 

Hannah was shooting with Alissa who is suicide girls main photographer (I think I am right about that...) Of course she was using the lens I dream about, the lighting I drool over and there were 2 other new SG faces I hadn't recognized but where happy to shake my hand. I tried not to ask too many questions though there were many in my mind. The one thing I was happy about was how easy everything was. I don't mean that these girls don't put a lot of effort into their shoots because believe me, with the amount of butt lifting and chest popping I saw today, its enough to wake up in the morning feeling like your side job is a contortionist. I just meant that there was no pressure. I was expecting it to be this... scary... odd... expose' and it literally was more like a fun sleep over with people I have known since high school. I was watching Alissa and how interactive she was with the girls, I was really surprised by how comfortable she was just being her (yes... i struggle with that... weird right?) Anyways... If you are reading this Alissa, I admire you! 

It was a lot like listening to a story teller. You get all mystified and "ooh" and "ahh" listening to what they get to do every day. 

I'm sorry you got to see me at my worst girls, I swear I clean up real nice lol! 

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