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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So what goes on in here?

Today was very productive. I finally organized my hard drives so all my pictures are placed nicely and easy to find areas.

I also met up with Janna of gypsy sue designs today at sushi maki for some lovely sushi (I love sushi) Janna is one of my new clients. She makes really awesome jewelry that I got to see in person today. Heather Hannon and Valerie also came because they are both a part of this project. We talked about the shoot coming up but also had a really girly lunch. I really love Janna's personality, and I love her jewelry as well. I can't wait to do this shoot!

Janna is also an owl fanatic and told me about this amazing little hat that I will probably buy for the winters in nashville.

Its an owl cap! from Spirit hoods! Ahh! I love it so much! 

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