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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's so for your pennies

Today's entry is brought to you by Solehiphop Puntocom.

The term "Heaux" is ghetto/slang term for "Hoe" 

There are many levels for Hoe's... Solehiphop Puntocom was nice enough to define each one using a color code. No excuses anymore guys, Know your shit!

The white Heaux level....
Is the beginning stage of a Heaux. Young chicks start out as white lever heauxs. Just regular girls focusing on school and their hobbies. Probably not even thinking about sex or boys. ‎........but Any chick over 18 still living the white level heaux life is pretty much useless. They don't drink, smoke, party. Just mad boring. The Chick that stays on the white level will never make a man happy. By 15 most chicks should be out of the white Heaux level. If you never gave oral your a white level Heaux. [Dont feel good about this shit either, you will forever be cheated on and/or Forever be lonely]

The yellow level Heaux... This level is where the rebel in them starts to show. They are no longer boring. They have tapped into their sneaky ways. At this level they'll be sexing... only one..or 2 guys. Maybe 3...but still keeping it classy.‎.....Oral sex and a little kinkiness are part of their aura now but you can't tell by looking at them. Just yet. Yellow Level Heaux.... Might smoke a little, drink a little, party a little. But still cook and read books. Yellow level heaux make the best wives. They're nasty enough to satisfy a man but not too nasty to the point you're starting to wonder WTF shes been through LOL. Most chicks with a kid are yellow level heaux. Wild enough to have that Raw Sex but not scandalous. She knows Jeezy lyrics but doesn't like to listen to it loud.

The Orange Level heaux... This level is when the signs of a "skaziness" star to show...but can't be scoped out by the rookie eye. The orange level heaux has a kid but isn't with her babydad anymore so she's enjoying that new, freedom air.... The Orange Level heaux doesn't have a problem being a jumpoff, but still wants to keep it low. She'll let you come through to pipe but only when her babydad has the kids. Still respectable with a sprinkle of ignorance. Orange level heaux are fun to kick it with. They make great friends. They'll smoke with you, can roll the L, might have a few drinks with you (can't handle liquor yet tho). Orange level heaux hang with higher level heaux but still frown upon their acts.
You can't wife them tho...I mean..you can if you want, I wouldn't suggest it tho. Most Heaux in the orange will be in the red pretty soon.

The Red Level heaux... At this point they're on their way to being lost. The orange level wasn't exciting enough for them. Smoking weed, drinking, light partying, a few guy friends just wasn't enough. Now they're rolling blunts while they drive, drinking henny, listening to Plies...its all downhill from here. Red Level heaux will let you pipe while the kid is home...Not even asleep. A Red level heaux will just tuck their kid in and put a movie on... Just enough to keep them from disturbing the Sexual encounter. Don't let a gorgeous, Fake fancy Red Level heaux Fool you. There are many ways to detect it...your eyes have to be trained tho.
Sidenote: The red level heaux is mostly called upon by yellow and white level heaux friends when they're mad at their boyfriends and wanna let loose.

The Danger Level heaux...

 Smmfh(shake my mother fucking head)... At this point you just have to leave it in God's hands. She's gone. Its no coming back from this. She's going to Meek Mill shows, she calls all her male friends "Brother", 1 blunt isn't enough, and the half pint of henny won't do it anymore. The Danger level heaux has 3 states in her twitter location. The crazy thing is, these heaux are the easiest for men to deal with. They are 100% stress free. What you see is what you get. The Danger level heaux wasn't afraid of the gunshots on Ocean Drive during memorial day weekend. Nope...it didn't stop her wave at all... She Partied harder after that.

Solehiphop Puntocom, the hood version of Emilyisasecret

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