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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes when we touch...

- If I ever see someone dropping a dog off and leaving it to fend for its self, they will be getting a "yours truly" punch in the dick.

- If you get kicked out of 2 or more clinics you can stop telling yourself its because you care about yourself. Get fucking real.

- part of me hates that I have road rage because I just wish I was more patient sometimes, but then the other part of me wants to take an ice pick to every dumb blonde's eyes when she's sitting at a green light reading a text.

- I hate when people say "life's not fair" because yes it is! Life is as fair as it gets! You aren't successful because YOU aren't successful. Don't blame it on some old saying to make yourself feel better. 

- Apparently, a good way to get a guy to notice you is by asking him if he's recently had sex. Personally, I'm just curious but this is still good to know.

- I hate how selfish I really am. There are times when all I want to do is talk about my self but I don't because that's a selfish persons behavior I SWEAR THOUGH I'M REALLY INTERESTING.

- I think for the first time yesterday I saw a real genuine reaction to a compliment. You hear people (woman) all the time say "No body's ever said that to me" but if there isn't gleam in their eye, they lyin! 

- What ever makes you happy... now that is a good saying...

- Ladies remember: Lighter hair in the summer, and darker hair in the winter. Stop getting it twisted! 

- Don't wait till the very last minute to do something. 

- Who ever expects favors when they haven't done shit for you in the first place deserves to be beaten with a bag of bricks. You can't simply expect a mechanic to fix your car for free when you just met him. That's not how shit works! 

- I want to know who steals my favorite bra in the morning.... It's always missing! WTF?! 

- I hate when people start a sentence with "I don't mean to....." because what ever they aren't meaning to do ends up being exactly what they are doing.

Well hello Mister Fancypants. Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things, right now: Jack and shit... and Jack left town. 

 Seriously dude I don't mean to single anyone out (LOLZ) but It really isn't that hard to get a chick to like you. All you need are 4 traits. 
1. Be confident (ridiculously confident) 
2. Be or act smart
3. Act like you don't care (but not in a dickish way)
4. Bring something to the table 

This dude failed to do either of these. A guy should be genetically prone to having 3 (if not all) of these traits. LOOKS DON'T MATTER (okay maybe a little) BRAINS AND TACTICS DO! 

Love/Lust is a fucking video game dude! PLAY IT! it also doesn't hurt to have other good qualities like knowing how to cook or being a good kisser. Notice I said good qualities. Knowing how to cook crack or kill a deer are not beneficial to me! 

- I love when peoples first ambition in the morning is to bitch at everyone in their way. No matter how small the issue. 

- I do have a bleeding heart. I feel sorry for a lot of people. I don't however, feel sorry for those that feel sorry for themselves, or wish to be seen as a sorry person.

- Who the hell asks for a positive reinforcement to a negative situation? This ain't a dream! 

- I think people who create music are the real artists. It's a form I wish I had but don't. 

- I don't know what scares me so much to take a giant leap. Heights? 

- I just want to warn you, after 4 days of not sexually satisfying myself means terrible cock teasing nightmares for me and those FUCKING SUCK. 


  1. That was epic. What a clown.

    Great video!!!

  2. I know the kid you're making fun of, and he has a brain injury due to an accident. You really shouldn't be making fun of people you don't really know, and I'm sure the things you've said to him, and about him, are hurtful.

  3. There is nothing wrong with being honest. Am I supposed to feel sorry for him? I don't. Harsh? maybe.. but if you don't like it you can move along.

    The shitty things that happen in our lifes don't happen for the people around us to feel sorry for us, they happen to make us stronger. Get the fuck over it.

  4. And I'm sure you feel so proud of yourself for educating him in this subject. I'm sure you feel superior to him because you handle these situations better than he does. So what if he wants people to feel sorry for him? Why do you have to tell him to grow some balls? Why do you have to bully him? He already has a hard enough life, so why do you need to make it more difficult for him? You may think its ok to say rude things to helpless people, and yes he is helpless due to his brain injury, but it really isn't. And even though you feel good about yourself when you say these things about him, and to him, you're the one who has to live with it. And if you don't like people calling you out on this cyber bullying, then you can move along.

  5. Are you fucking for real? He was the one harassing me for a fucking date. I tell him these things so he can learn, according to him he's not retarded so he should be able to comprehend. I can't move along when you are commenting on my blog.. which is exactly why YOU can turn the other way.

    Thanks though, for fighting this dudes battles. I do feel better tho.

  6. He was asking you out on a date, and he doesn't understand the no because of his limitations and because you basically demeaned him. And since you are aware of his brain injury then you should also have respect and not post these conversations for the entire world to see. And just because he's in denial about his limitations doesn't mean he doesn't have any. You post on your blog for other people to read and comment on, so if you have a problem with people that have a different opinion than you, maybe you shouldn't make your blog public.

    By the way, I'm not fighting his battles. I'm just standing up for a friend. And I'm glad you feel better after putting someone down.