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Saturday, July 2, 2011

There are few reasons I like Miami. Like is a real nice way to put it too. I can only think of 2 reasons actually. One is the work for photography here is tremendous. People pay such good money for shitty photography, which means they pay TOP DOLLAR for good photography, which means great business for me. The second reason is the culture pool here is amazing. You will never see as many different people as you do here. Not in New york. Not in Los Angeles. Only here. I say that because in LA you have different people, but its a different different kind of people. In Miami you have everything from really awesome amazing super star people to the down right gross "wtf? are you kidding me?! " type of people.

For example, a taxi driver who didn't speak a word of English was singing at the top of his lungs to Phil Collins at a stop light last night. I mean more power to this city for just having everything ass backwards... You can't help but love it.

Here is what you are missing if you don't live in South Florida.

I actually like the shitty weather. It hides the sun so that my car, that currently doesn't have any a/c, isn't so damn hot all the time. 

I shot the photo Op area for Tabithas wedding. I didn't want to intrude on another photographers job so I stuck to my area for the most part until the cocktail party was over. 

I gotta say something. I just have to. Anna has to be one of the most amazing people on this planet. It's not surprising being that she is Simons sister.

All the pictures came out lovely but these are a few of my favorites. 

This dude won for best gentleman of the night. Oh, you didn't know I was running a contest? What am I not allowed to do that at someone else's wedding? Well, I did. I don't know your name kid but you were the coolest guy there. Simon and I decided. 


  1. <3 <3 enjoyed this post..

    omg im sorry u don't have a/c.. I wouldn't want to go out in the middle of the day!!! hahaha its so hot even with the a/c on..
    XO <3

  2. You rank on other people for taking shitty photography, yet you were only hired for the photo op of the wedding. If you have such great photography, then why weren't you hired as the professional photographer?

  3. What does me ranking on people having shitty photography have to do with me getting a job as a photographer?

    1. I got the job (KEY WORD THERE... JOB) as the photo op photographer because another photographer was hired prior to the bride finding my photography.

    2. I was hired as the photographer. I was hired to take pictures. Therefor I was hired as a photographer.

    Not every wedding will have ONE photographer.

    I am glad I could educate you on this, and I am also glad you are so concerned for Emilyisasecret. Don't be a stranger!